July 31, 2014

ARTIST: Kim Joon (김준) - Tattooed Torsos

Kim Joon (김준): Tattooed Torsos
curated by Yellowmenace (27+ images)

   The internet has a short memory. I know these works were all over the net 3-4 years ago & Kim Joon is one of the most famous modern Asian artists, but I had them sitting on my computer since 07, so I thought they were worth displaying again.
Digital Art Prints by Kim Joon (김준) via Yellowmenace

Lean labeled limbs

Glorifying consumption?

Empty hands grasp at...

Digital Art Prints by Kim Joon (김준) via Yellowmenace
   Kim Joon (김준) was born in Seoul, Korea in 1966.
Digital Art Prints by Kim Joon (김준) via Yellowmenace

July 30, 2014

VID: George Takei TED Talks Internment

Why I love a country that once betrayed me
via: TED
Haiku: Internment by Yellowmenace
Melt in & forget
Nails sticking up get hammered
I dare 2 stand proud
   When he was a child, George Takei and his family were forced into an internment camp for Japanese-Americans, as a "security" measure during World War II. 70 years later, Takei looks back at how the camp shaped his surprising, personal definition of patriotism and democracy.

   I found this talk very moving bc I am a 4th generation Japanese-Canadian. At the same time, I think George Takei is also pitching the idea of a film about the 442nd reg. A film I'd be interested in seeing & supporting if it became a kickstarter project.

   On February 24, 1942, an order-in-council passed under the War Measures Act gave the federal government the power to intern all "persons of Japanese racial origin".

   At that time, my father was 2 years old. His Father & Mother had their home, fishing boat & bank account confiscated. Then they gathered up my father & his 7 siblings & were relocated from their home in Nanaimo, BC to a POW camp in the interior of BC, Tashme. His father, my Gichan was born in Canada. It was his father that immigrated here before the turn of the century.

July 29, 2014

ARTIST: Victo Ngai - Asian Water Goddess

Victo Ngai - Asian Water Goddess
Web   -  Facebook   -   Tumblr   -   Behance
Represented by MGI
Victo Ngai illustration via Yellowmenace

Haiku Art Review: Victo Ngai by Yellowmenace
Drawn by Eastern seas
Imagination flowing
Always floating free
Victo Ngai illustration via Yellowmenace
Koi Dance - 13"x19"Open edition fine art Giclée print.

   Victo Ngai is a NY based illustrator from Hong Kong. "Victo" is not a typo or a boy, but a nickname derived from "Victoria" - a leftover from British colonization.

   Victo Ngai - Like Knows Like - She talks about her work, process & life as an artist.

   Victo Ngai is a Hong Kong born, multiple award winning Illustrator, who lives and works in Manhattan, NY. You might have seen her stunning editorial work in magazines like The New Yorker, The New York Times.
Victo Ngai illustration via Yellowmenace

July 28, 2014

THAI: Katreeya English - Siamese Kat

Katreeya English (แคทรียา อิงลิช)
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Sources: Volume - Image - FB - MagazineDee
Katreeya English (แคทรียา อิงลิช) via Yellowmenace
   Katreeya English (แคทรียา อิงลิช) is a half Thai/half British singer, actress, model & acrobat.
Katreeya English (แคทรียา อิงลิช) via Yellowmenace
   My fav Kat Lakorn (ละคร) is Faad Na Ya (แฝดนะยะ) with Por Tridsadee Sahawong (Ch.3 2010). As the title indicates, she plays twins named Bang & Baang, the girl is a tomboy who practices Muay Thai, the boy is a ladyboy who dreams of winning a beauty contest.

   It's lots of fun & adds lots of twists to the typical Lakorn plots because of the subject matter.
Katreeya English (แคทรียา อิงลิช) via Yellowmenace
   Kat will be in a new Lakorn - Sao Noi Cafe. If the name sounds familiar, it's because this is a remake of an old Lakorn which Kat starred in & performed on the soundtrack.

July 27, 2014

ARTIST: Formento+Formento - Japan Diaries

Formento + Formento - Japan Diaries
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Current Exhibition: JapanDiaries @ Fahey/Klein Gallery
148 North La Brea, Los Angeles, CA
between First Street and Beverly Boulevard
Phone: (323) 934-2250 
July 24 - August 31, 2104
Haiku Art Review: Japan Diaries by Yellowmenace
Passive AZNettes
Pretty package tied w/ rope
Slanted eyes = soul less
   Richeille Formento, a former graphic designer, styles and art directs the pictures, while her husband BJ Formento lights and photographs them.

   Everything begins with BJ's photography, in the frozen instant that will never return; and ends in Richeille's creative direction, in her slow, reflective, patient composition.
   BJ moved to NYC 1999 and assisted Richard Avedon, Mary Ellen Mark, Annie Leibovitz and studied under Eugene Richards and Arnold Newman. Since 2001, he has set out on his own and has shot for numerous magazines and advertising clients as well as continued to mature in his personal work.
   Richeille worked as an art director and designer within the fashion industry, working for a large umbrella company responsible for visually communicating new season looks on all graphic works and brands like Calvin Klein, Diesel, DKNY and various other independent fashion labels.

July 20, 2014

FILM: Doraemon: Stand by Me (ドラえもん)

New Japanese movies I want to see in 2014:
Doraemon: Stand by Me (ドラえもん)
   Why I want 2 C it: I love the style of animation. The animators have found the perfect balance between the 2D cartoon & 3D CG. While I've never been a fan of Doraemon, this looks so interesting as they're marketing it as a tear-jerker. Only in Japan would you get a big budget 3D animation about loss & letting go.

   I'm not sure what they will do if this is a huge hit as this seems to be the end of the Doraemon series.

Trailers via: CinemaToday
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   Directors: Takashi Yamazaki & Ryuichi Yagi
Cast: Megumi Oohara, Subaru Kimura, Tomokazu Seki, Wasabi Mizuta, and Yumi Kakazu

   The first 3D CG movie starring the anime robot cat Doraemon. Directed by Takashi Yamazaki and Ryuichi Yagi

Stangely, this is  the last in the Doraemon series and will focus on Doraemon leaving and how Nobita deals with the loss.

Release Date: 8 August 2014
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FILM: Sion Sono's - Tokyo Tribe (特報)

New Japanese movies I want to see in 2014:
Tokyo Tribe (特報)  -  FB
Sion Sono Tokyo Tribe Yakuza film poster
   Why I want 2 C it: I am a Sion Sono fan, but he isn't a god in my eyes. He takes HUGE risks making movies that no one else could make or even conceive. Sometimes the results are brilliant a la Noriko's Dinner Table which is his best so far. Love Exposure had its moments, but needed an editor to hack about 1 hr out. I couldn't finish Guilty of Romance it was so pointless.

   Tokyo Tribe looks way, way over the top, cartoon yakuza in an alternate universe. Like Sono saw the end of Miike Takashi's Dead or Alive 1 & said "the whole film should B this crazy".
   This has the potential to be his most accessible & entertaining film to date, of course it could also end up being one strange pile of dog shit. One thing's guaranteed, the movie will be filled w/ guttural yakuza cries of "EeeRRRLLAAAaaaa!" & that's good enough for me :)  

Trailers via: CinemaToday
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Starring: Ryohei Suzuki (鈴木亮平), Young Dais (ヤング ダイス), Nana Seino (清野菜名)

   Yakuza gangs on the rampage in the streets of Tokyo in the near future!

   Release Date (劇場公開日): 2014年8月30日

Sion Sono Tokyo Tribe Yakuza film
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July 18, 2014

VID: ADHD - Anime Tribute

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   - This is my fav bc it's the funniest, not bc I'm a huge Attack on Titan fan. I tried to watch it, but couldn't get into it. I like my anime a lot weirder & I also didn't like the style of animation. I think the massive popularity of this anime is the fact that heroes & main characters can die. Much like GoT, it feels unpredictable bc we aren't used to seeing likable characters just snuffed out.

   Attack on Titan's Mikasa, Armin, and Eren finally meet a Titan they can't kill. 'Cause it's just too cute.

Writer: Heather Anne Campbell
Storyboard Director: George Yang
Voice Talent: Angela Trimbur, Frank Howley, Jeff Sloniker, Nick Reczynski
Animation: Carol Scarbrough, George Yang, Whitney Tang, Nick Sazani
Design: Jenessa Warren, Hyojin Bae, Marcos Cohen, Gabe Lee
Editor: Nick Reczynski

   - Very funny bc it is so accurately identifies the tropes in any anime about HS or Uni. This is also the basic structure of Tokyo Drift, but w/ boys.

   In the tradition of Utena, Project A-Ko, Oniisama E, Sailor Moon, Mai Hime, Kill la Kill, and Sakura Trick, comes Schoolgirl Crush!
   Kim Kimiko is a poor transfer student who discovers the real meaning of power when she battles rich girl Lucia Goch. This is class warfare! This is love! This is schoolgirls fighting schoolgirls over schoolgirls!

July 16, 2014

Worst AZN EVR! - Stephen Colbert

Worst AZN EVR! - Stephen Colbert

   I know this is waaay late, but I had to include Ching Chong Ding Dong on the Worst AZN EVR list.
   I've been a Colbertian since '06. He's the only comedy I watch, so I wasn't offended by Ching Chong bc I understood his intent.

   That said, I think he may have pushed it too far with the Ching Chong foundation.

Last Ching Chong appearance
   Imagine something similar done w/ a black character, making fun of the fact that the stereotype even existed w/ that very character some kind of Uncle Tom. I guess Uncle Ruckus on the Boondocks is this type of character.

   It can B done, but it's a very thin & high tightrope to walk, especially without a safety net. Tarantino managed this ever so skillfully w/ Django Unchained, which could have gone horribly wrong.

   The CancelColbert movement scared the shit out of him & I don't think we'll see Ching Chong evr again.

1st Ching Chong appearance - Hot tea!
YALA Ching Chong Ding Dong
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ARTIST: Andrew Archer - AZN Style

Andrew Archer
Web  -  Facebook  -  Tumblr  -  Behance

Buy Andrew's prints @ Inprint
   Andrew Archer is a New Zealand born illustrator currently living in Melbourne, Australia. He's been working as an illustrator since 2007.
The Beach
I did eat crayons which quite possibly is where my off-beat colour palettes come from.
I’m greatly inspired by...wood block prints, edo period art, cartoons, ideograms, characterization, travel and Asia.
This is part of my Whitey Goes AZN series. 

July 15, 2014

FILM: Rurouni Kenshin: The Great Kyoto Fire (るろうに剣心 京都大火編)

Trailers via: CinemaToday
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Directed by Keishi Ōtomo   
Cast: Takeru Sato, Tatsuya Fujiwara, Emi Takei, Yu Aoi

   Kenshin Himura goes up against pure evil Makoto Shishio who is attempting to overthrow the Meiji government. The fate of the country hangs in the balance as Kenshin Himura takes up the sword that he vowed to never draw again.

Based on the manga by Nobuhiro Watsuki
Release Date: 1 August 2014
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July 14, 2014

FILM: Pirates - 해적: 바다로 간 산적

New Korean movies I want to see in 2014:
Pirates (해적: 바다로 간 산적)
Why I want to see it: It looks like they tried to recreate the silly swashbuckling energy of the Pirates of the Caribbean series. The plot will be completely irrelevant, so everything hinges on the quality of the comedy & action sequences. If they pulled it off, it will be a fun forgettable summer flick.

Trailers via: Thirtytoes   -   YT
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감독(Director): 이석훈 (Lee Seok-hoon)
출연(Cast): 김남길 (Kim Nam-gil), 손예진 (Son Ye-jin)
   Based in the start of the Chosun times, this movie is about a whale that swallows a valuable royal stamp; pirates and bandits then go searching after it.)

장르(Genre) : 시대극, 액션(Historical, Action)
개봉일(Released Date) : 2014년 8월 6일 (06/08/2014)

FILM: Kundo: Age of the Rampant 군도: 민란의 시대 캐릭터 예고편

New Korean movies I want to see in 2014:
Kundo: Age of the Rampant 
군도: 민란의 시대 캐릭터 예고편
Trailers via: Thirtytoes   -   YT
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감독(Director): 윤종빈(Yoon Jong-bin)
출연(Cast): 하정우(Ha Jeong-woo), 강동원(Kang Dong-won)
   The year is 1859, feudal Choseon is plagued with numerous natural disasters, poor harvest, poverty. hunger and death. But the rich nobles are only concerned with their own wealth and continue to exploit and persecute the poor. In this dark period, KUNDO was a single shred of hope for the poor, an entity which can be the subject of fear to unjust nobles.

장르(Genre) : 시대극, 액션(Historical, Action)
개봉일(Release Date) : 2014년 7월 23일(2014/07/23)

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FILM: The Divine Move - 신의 한 수

New Korean movies I want to see in 2014:
The Divine Move - 신의 한 수
Why I want to see it: I think Korea is the only country that could produce an action film about underground baduk (바둑 aka 囲碁 - go in China & Japan) gambling. There are baduk academies in every neighborhood & at least two 24hr cable channels dedicated to the game. It's not that I'm a huge fan of the game, but with a premise, so ridiculously original I just have to see how they pull it off. It looks like it could be lots of fun.

Trailers via: Thirtytoes   -   YT
NOTE: Click the 'cc' button (between 'watch later' & 'settings') for English Subs
  감독(Director): 조범구 (Jo Beom-goo)
출연(Cast) : 정우성(Jung Woo-sung), 이범수(Lee Beom-su), 안성기(Ahn Seong-gi)

   Professional baduk (바둑) player Tae-seok loses a high-stakes game to infamous underground gambler Sal-soo, and ends up framed for the murder of his own brother and locked up in prison. After serving his seven-year sentence, he gets in touch with his brother's former associate "Tricks," hermit and blind master player "The Lord," and skillful junkyard owner Mok-su; together. Tae-seok slowly penetrates Sal-soo's gambling joint, and eliminates Sal-soo's men one by one. But Sal-soo discovers Tae-seok's true identity and engages him in one final game that will seal the fates of the two men involved.

장르(Genre): 범죄, 액션(Crime, Action)
개봉일(Released Date): 2014년 7월 3일(07/03/2014)
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July 13, 2014

ART: Sarah Gonzales - All About Noodles

Sarah Gonzales: Ramen Series
Behance   -  Tumblr
"Here is ramen: where it came from, where it’s going and everything in between."
Haiku Art Review: Sarah Gonzales by Yellowmenace
Must eat w/ chopsticks
Slurping makes it taste better
Hot long thin Yellow
   Ramen - So much of the experience of food - especially ramen - is in it’s presentation, and this exhibition aims to explore the history and cultural context of this Asian noodle dish.
   From cup ramen, ramen restaurants, home cooked ramen, haughty celebrity chef ramen, even just ramen blogs, have all fed into my love for this unique food.
   As a cultural phenomenon, ramen has sparked tens of thousands of restaurants worldwide & provided affordable comfort to millions of destitute college students across the globe.

July 12, 2014

FILM: The Break-up Guru (分手大师)

New Chinese movies I want to see in 2014:
The Break-up Guru (分手大师)
   Why I want 2 C it: Comedy rarely travels well because humor is so culturally specific, but Break-up Guru looks just bizarre enough that it would have lots of WTF laughs. The kind of outrageous gags that made 'The Hangover' such a huge success. Now what the average Chinese person finds outrageous might be quite different.
   I'm interested to see it because I found Stephen Chow's 'King of Comedy' (targeted @ a Chinese audience) much funnier than his post-Shaolin Soccer attempts, when he was more aware of his international audience.

Trailers via: Enlight Pictures - Youtube
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FILM: The Legend of Qin (秦时明月)

New Chinese movies I want to see in 2014:
The Legend of Qin (秦时明月) 

Trailers via: Enlight Pictures - Youtube
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   From the creator of Qin's Moon TV series, An unlikely quartet - a boy, the kingdom's greatest warrior, the descendent of a reviled war criminal and a descendent of the Divine Dragon - cross the desert to find the hidden kingdom of Loulan so as to prevent Emperor Qin from awakening an ancient weapon that will return China to war.

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FILM: Gone with the Bullets (一步之遙)

New Chinese movies I want to see in 2014:
Gone w/ the Bullets (一步之遙)
Why I want 2 C it: I did not see Let the Bullets Fly, but this has the look of a 40s musical w/ most of the scenes shot on a big sound stage. It definitely has the potential to be a giant hot mess. But films that take big risks are also the most interesting (see Jodorowsky's Dune). These trailers remind me of the Chinese musical, Perhaps Love (2005), which was a wonderful experience.

Trailers via: Emperor Motion Pictures - YT - FB
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Director: Jiang Wen   
Cast: Jiang Wen, Ge You, Zhou Yun, Shu Qi, Wen Zhang 

   The second film in he Bullets Trilogy. Set in 1920s Shanghai, the film is based on a true story. Ma Zouri (Jiang Wen) and Xiang Feitian (Ge You) establish a notorious beauty pageant called the Flowers Competition. All of the city's elite attend this gala event, but when Wanyan Ying unexpectedly wins, it sets into motion a series of tragic events that change their destinies.
   Release Date: 18 December 2014
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THAI: The Real Ploy (พลอย)

   These are photos from Ploy's Facebook page: FB/ChermarnFC
   For the most part these are selfies Ploy (or her assistant) have posted to Instagram or FB
    Ploy with out make-up. She looks so young. I doubt I would recognize her on the street.
    Bad girl ready 2 go out & party like a celebrity... uh well bc she is one.
    After Songkran Water Festival in April (Thai New Year)

July 11, 2014

FILM: That Demon Within (魔警)

New Chinese movies I want to see in 2014:
That Demon Within (魔警)
Why I want 2 C it: Demon looks like a very stylish action pic w/ enough twists to make it fresh. It could have a Fight Club like split-personality thing which would be an interesting injection into HK action film.

Trailers via: Emperor Motion Pictures - YT - FB
NOTE: Click the 'cc' button (between 'watch later' & 'settings') for English Subs
Director: Dante LAM  Starring: Daniel WU & Nick CHEUNG

    Dutiful Hong Kong policeman Dave Wong (Daniel Wu) saves the life of the leader of a violent gang of armed robbers. Dave is determined to put an end to their activities. He works with the gang leader Hon Kong (Nick Cheung) to wreak havoc and let the gangsters kill one another.
   But it becomes obvious that Dave is suffering from a severe mental disorder, and he finds that instead of upholding the law, he has now become a fugitive wanted for murder. Dave executes one final move that is certain to wipe out all traces of the gang and restore his reputation as a good police officer.
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