December 26, 2014

ART: Nooin - Cute Chameleon Selfies

Nooin -
Trying many masks
In hopes of finding her soul
Cute chameleon
Nooin -
   She is Luso-Japanese (under the cultural sway of the Portuguese Empire) Nu Goth. She has lived abroad, but returned to Tokyo, Japan to be with her family. She speaks English, Japanese & probably a few other languages. Beyond that Nooin is a bit of a mystery.

   I do know that she creates some unique selfie-art.

ART: HR-FM - Inexterior

HR-FM (Hirofumi Sugimoto)
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   All's Right w/ the World - Fine Art Print

Tortured texture dominates
Dynamic decay
   Pet Destroyer - Fine Art Print
   "By pairing incompatible time bases to create scenes I call 'the future past', I express both surprise and recollection."

December 24, 2014

VID: Tattoo VICE - The Maverick, Master, Moneyman & Monks

Tattoo VICE
The Maverick, Master, Moneyman & Monks
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The MaverickJimmy Ho Tattoo Artist
VICE Tattoos -
   With his traditional Chinese/Japanese patterns, Jimmy Ho, now in his sixties, remains one of the coolest and most forward ­thinking tattooists in Hong Kong.
   Jimmy opened his first tattoo shop at the age of 14, followed by more than 40 years serving clients including film stars and local gangsters.

December 22, 2014

ART: Peking Opera - Portraits on Silk

Portraits of Peking Opera Characters
Unknown Artist

Peking Opera characters -
   Qing dynasty (1644–1911) album featuring 100 opera characters painted on silk with ink & gold. This post contains my 25 personal favorites.
Peking Opera characters -
   "This album records in detail the makeup and costume of one hundred characters drawn from nine plays. Each character is identified with an accompanying inscription, and the plays are named at the top right of nine of the leaves in slightly larger script." -The Met

December 21, 2014

FILM: Outrage (アウトレイジ) - GIFs, Caps, & Trailers, Oh My!

HAIKU Art Review: Outrage (アウトレイジ)
8-9-3 can't win
Death or jail for all gangsters
Split tongued Yakuza
Outrage (アウトレイジ) - Takeshi Kitano -
   Takeshi Kitano (北野 武) hypnotizes audiences with his slow, simple style, punctuating it with moments of bloody violence. 

Outrage (アウトレイジ) Japanese trailer w/ Eng subs

December 14, 2014

Top 8: Asian Books EVR!

The Yellowmenace shares with you the 8 greatest Asian books of all time.

       translator - R. L. Wing
Illustrated I Ching - R.L. Wing
HAIKU Book Review: Illustrated I Ching
Shake 3 coins, 6 times
64 future outcomes
straight or broken lines
   My spiritual advisor regarding major life decisions for the past 15 years. I've tried several other versions of the I Ching, but this is the best. Eloquently concise the translation reverberates with subtext. Each hexagram is complimented with an ancient ink paintings which adds further depth & insight to each reading.
"An easily accessible yet powerfully enlightening tool that will help readers understand the I Ching's way of knowledge and grasp the principles behind the world's most ancient book."
   I placed this book at #1 because of length of time it has been in my life & the impact it has continually had upon my journey. This isn't a book that sits on the shelf gathering dust, the I Ching is an advisor, my spiritual compass in times of turmoil or indecision.

2) Dance, Dance, Dance
       author - Haruki Murakami
Dance, Dance, Dance (cover) - Haruki Muakami
HAIKU Book Review: Dance, Dance, Dance
Motel room Sheep Man
Our past spins us like laundry
Don't forget to dance
   I bought an English translation in Japan, read it every morning in a Korean park near my home with coffee & donuts while off from work. This was only my second Murakami, after Hardboiled Wonderland & Dance (x3) remains my favorite despite reading 3 more Murakami's.

December 12, 2014

ART: Yumiko Kayukawa (粥川由美子) - pt 4: Ceremony

Yumiko Kayukawa (粥川由美子)
 part 4: Ceremony
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Yumiko Kayukawa (粥川由美子)  -
Hardcover Artbook: 95 works (2006-12)
   Here is part 4 of my 4 part profile of the unique self portrait paintings by Japanese artist Yumiko Kayukawa.

December 1, 2014

ART: Hisashi Tenmyouya (天明屋尚) - Future via Past

Hisashi Tenmyouya (天明屋尚)
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Hisashi Tenmyouya (天明屋尚) -
   Hisashi is one of Japan's most influential & popular contemporary painters. His work is currently showing at the following gallery, if you'd like to witness the kind of painstaking detail he puts into his art:

Garden of Unearthly Delights 
 Oct 10, 2014 – Jan 11, 2015
@ The Japan Society Gallery - 333 East 47th St, New York
Hisashi Tenmyouya (天明屋尚) -
HAIKU Art Review: Hisashi Tenmyouya (天明屋尚)
Forward thru the past
"Without Art I'd B no one"
Basara bastard
Hisashi Tenmyouya (天明屋尚) -
   Born in Tokyo, in February 1966.  Hisashi Tenmyouya is a Japanese self taught fine artist.