May 31, 2014

THAI: Gybzy & Baitoey - Pop Sinsation

Pop Sinsations - Gybzy & Baitoey

Photo Source: SUDSUPDA Magazine
   Gybzy & Baitoey are huge pop stars in Thailand @ the moment. Gybzy is part of a girl group Girly Berry. She teamed up w/ solo artist Baitoey.
  Sexy outfits, catchy lyrics & breast-centric dances have launched the pair into the Thai stratosphere.

  Here is their latest hit Don't Cha. Notice the "nipple twist dance" in this video, every Thai pop hit needs a provocative dance move ppl can use in the clubs.

  อย่ามโน (Don't Cha) : Gybzy - Baitoey [Official MV]

    The cover of Sudsupda Magazine. They've been featured in just about every Thai fashion mag.
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May 25, 2014

ART: Yumiko Kayukawa (粥川由美子) pt 2 - Sexy

   Yumiko Kayukawa (粥川由美子) - pt 2 Sexy
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   Here is part 2 of my 4 part profile of the unique self portraits by Yumiko Kayukawa.
Yumiko Kayukawa (粥川由美子)  -
Vaulting Horse
 This series of paintings I have complied focuses on her sexier side. Lots of teasing, playful eroticism in these works.
Hardcover Artbook: 95 works (2006-12)

Haiku Art Review: Yumiko Kayukawa (粥川由美子)
Odd 2D vixen
frolicking w/ all the beasts
Nippon misses U
Yumiko Kayukawa (粥川由美子)  -
    Why so focused on young Yumiko, U ask? Well..

   1) I love the vibrant playful simplicity her self portraits reveal about the artist.
   2) She is a prolific artist working at almost Terminatoresque efficiency.
Yumiko Kayukawa (粥川由美子)  -
  I'm not sure if this is how she views her sexuality or if she's trying to interpret how people see her.  
  (Note how I intentionally used PPL bc I'm confident Yumiko gets ogled by just as many women as she does men)
Yumiko Kayukawa (粥川由美子)  -
The real Yumiko Kayukawa at her gallery show

Much more Yumiko below!  

VID: Seriously AZN Videos

   Here are 4 videos that define the Asian-American or AZN outside of Asia experience.

   With over 20 mil combined views it's safe 2 say these vids resonate w/ a whole lot of Yellow folks.

What kind of Asian are you?
Directed by Ken Tanaka and David Neptune
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   What Asians dealing with white ppl must cope with *sigh*. 

Shit White People Say to Asians by Ralf Wyn
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Shit Asian Moms Say
by Just Kidding Films
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   A gross stereotype U can't believe until U meet someone who is exactly like that. 
   IMO this is an acurate impersonation of his Mom, which is why she's such a charming character.

AZN Card
by The Fung Bros
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   Take the test & check Ur score.
   R U a true yellow sista/bro or R U just a banana fakin' the flow?                Yellowmenace

May 21, 2014

VID: The Only 9 Asians Who Played in the NBA

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    Surprising (Wat Misaka's my new hero) , well researched vid w/ clips or photos of all the players in action (what little action they saw in most cases).
The 9 Asian NBA Players, so far! ...Who got next?

9. Sun Yue
8. Yuta Tabuse
7. Ha Seung-Jin
6. Wat Misaka
5. Mengke Bateer
4. Wang Zhi Zhi
3. Yi Jianlian
2. Jeremy Lin
1. Yao Ming                Yellowmenace

May 14, 2014

THAI: Actress/Model 'YaYa' Urassaya Sperbund (อุรัสยา เสปอร์บันด์)

Yaya - Fashion Model
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Magazine Sources:   Touch  -  Volume  -  Image  -  Dichan
Thai Actress/Model 'YaYa' Urassaya Sperbund  (อุรัสยา เสปอร์บันด์)
Name: Urassaya Sperbund  (อุรัสยา เสปอร์บันด์)
Nickname: YaYa (ญาญ่า)
Profession: Actress/Model
Date of birth: March 18, 1993
Thai Actress/Model 'YaYa' Urassaya Sperbund  (อุรัสยา เสปอร์บันด์)
    Yaya's mother is Thai & her father is Norwegian.
Thai Actress/Model 'YaYa' Urassaya Sperbund  (อุรัสยา เสปอร์บันด์)
   She played the character Jeed in Duang Jai Akkanee with Nadech Kugimiya. Prior to filming, she could only speak 30% of the Thai language as she attended an international school. After signing the contract with Channel 3, Yaya had to learn more Thai, receiving private language tutoring at home.     - Wikipedia

More gorgeous Yaya fashion shots below

VID: Vice Japan - Japan's Karate Kid: Kyoji Horiguchi

Vice Japan

Fightland Ep.2:山本"KID"徳郁 お墨付き!堀口恭司
Japan's Karate Kid: Kyoji Horiguchi

   "Kyoji Horiguchi is one of Japan's brightest prospects in MMA, currently based in Tokyo and training alongside legendary Kid Yamamoto at his gym, Krazy Bee.
   While lacking the professional guidance usually provided by coaches for UFC fighters in the US, he makes up for it by having Kid Yamamoto as his training partner." -Vice Japan
   This short profile of MMA hopeful Kyoji Horiguchi reveals a very personal & touching portrait of a young dedicated fighter struggling to make it in his chosen profession.

   The dedication, skill & social network required to even have a chance at making it in MMA is analogous to trying to establish yourself in any profession in the modern economy - slim 2 none even 4 the best of the working class.                Yellowmenace

VID: Vice Japan - Possessed by Ink

Vice Japan
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Thai Tattoo Festival - Vice Japan -
タトゥーに取り憑かれる!? タイのTATTOO「サクヤン」フェス 
Possessed By Ink: Thai Tattoo Festival
Thai Tattoo Festival - Vice Japan -
   This is a great short doc. It really captures the beauty & mystery of Thailand.  
Thai Tattoo Festival - Vice Japan -
   Thailand is a very superstitious country where the majority of ppl outside of Bangkok believe in ghosts. Tattoos are very popular w/ Thais especially these religious/magical tats.
   "Wat Bang Phra Temple is Mecca for traditional Buddhist tattoos, or "Sak Yant", as they are known in Thailand. Here monks tattoo people year round within the temple grounds and then once a year hold a Sak Yant festival during which those who have received tattoos return to pray and allow their tattoos to manifest themselves fully. By which we mean all hell breaks loose" :) - Vice Japan
   Thai Buddhism is very different than in Korea or Japan. Here, it's not rare for monks to have tattoos or eat meat (although they don't actively seek it out, if something w/ meat is donated they won't waste it).                Yellowmenace