May 18, 2014

FOODPORN: Lao/ SE Asia Recipes from Dai&Dal

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 Yum sen lon – vermicelli noodle salad
Yaw Kao – Fresh spring rolls via:
 Yaw Kao – Fresh spring rolls
Pan fried pork dumplings via:
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Bânh cuòn – rice rolls
  "Many Lao dishes is influenced by Vietnamese cuisine, thanks to the influx of Vietnamese people coming into Laos during the French administration." -Dai&Dal
Tom Khem – Caramelised pork belly stew
Cheun Yaw – Fried Spring Rolls
Kua mee – Lao fried noodles
Laap gai - Minced chicken dip
 "Larb gai is usually sopped up with sticky rice and is often accompanied with a side of fresh vegetables such as cucumber, cabbage and fresh herbs." -Dai&Dal
Pan fried pork dumplings via:                Yellowmenace