May 31, 2014

THAI: Gybzy & Baitoey - Pop Sinsation

Pop Sinsations - Gybzy & Baitoey

Photo Source: SUDSUPDA Magazine
   Gybzy & Baitoey are huge pop stars in Thailand @ the moment. Gybzy is part of a girl group Girly Berry. She teamed up w/ solo artist Baitoey.
  Sexy outfits, catchy lyrics & breast-centric dances have launched the pair into the Thai stratosphere.

  Here is their latest hit Don't Cha. Notice the "nipple twist dance" in this video, every Thai pop hit needs a provocative dance move ppl can use in the clubs.

  อย่ามโน (Don't Cha) : Gybzy - Baitoey [Official MV]

    The cover of Sudsupda Magazine. They've been featured in just about every Thai fashion mag.
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   This is the song & video that started it all, Slash Out. Note the "Upward boob slapping dance"

  รักต้องเปิด(แน่นอก) [Splash Out] - 3.2.1 Kamikaze

Pop Sinsations - Gybzy & Baitoey

Photo Source: SUDSUPDA Magazine
Styled by AKAPHOL RUTHAIYANONT  /  Photographed by NUTTAPHONG KITTIVORAPHONGKIJ                Yellowmenace