May 14, 2014

VID: Vice Japan - Possessed by Ink

Vice Japan
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Thai Tattoo Festival - Vice Japan -
タトゥーに取り憑かれる!? タイのTATTOO「サクヤン」フェス 
Possessed By Ink: Thai Tattoo Festival
Thai Tattoo Festival - Vice Japan -
   This is a great short doc. It really captures the beauty & mystery of Thailand.  
Thai Tattoo Festival - Vice Japan -
   Thailand is a very superstitious country where the majority of ppl outside of Bangkok believe in ghosts. Tattoos are very popular w/ Thais especially these religious/magical tats.
   "Wat Bang Phra Temple is Mecca for traditional Buddhist tattoos, or "Sak Yant", as they are known in Thailand. Here monks tattoo people year round within the temple grounds and then once a year hold a Sak Yant festival during which those who have received tattoos return to pray and allow their tattoos to manifest themselves fully. By which we mean all hell breaks loose" :) - Vice Japan
   Thai Buddhism is very different than in Korea or Japan. Here, it's not rare for monks to have tattoos or eat meat (although they don't actively seek it out, if something w/ meat is donated they won't waste it).                Yellowmenace