March 11, 2019

Lauren Brevner: Rapt in Tradition

Lauren Brevner (Japan/Canada)
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   Lauren Brevner is Japanese Canadian, self-taught, mixed media artist from Vancouver, Canada. Unable to afford art school, she gained her skills & determination to become an artist while apprenticing under renowned artist, Sin Nakayamal in Osaka, Japan. Her portraits of women find their Japanese influence in the gold & silver leaf detailing & collage of patterned chiyogami, yuzen & washi paper in their clothing. Lauren's passion for experimentation has led her to mural painting & collaborations with First Nations sculptor, James Harry.
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Celebrating Women's History Month!

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March 7, 2019

Reina Koyano: Sole Fatale

Reina Koyano aka Viva la Reina (Japan/US)
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   Reina Koyano is a designer/illustrator from Japan who has found success by imagining beautiful women dressed in fashion based on basketball shoes. Her brand, Sole Fatale creates the ultimate fantasy pinups for sneakerheads. She is currently working in the US, exhibiting her art, attending events & getting a buttload of free kicks.
   Happy International Women's Day & Women's History Month!
ARTIST: Reina Koyano | @_vivalareina | | via:

Celebrating International Women's Day & Women's History Month by profiling Female Artists!

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March 6, 2019

Dai Tamura: NBA Sketchbook

Dai Tamura (Japan)
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   Dai Tamura is a freelance illustrator from Japan whose love for basketball has changed his life. For a time, Dai was focused on caricature art, so much so that he came in 4th place at The International Society of Caricaturist Artists (ISCA) awards in 2015 & then became world champion in 2016. During that period, his art was very much typical caricature portraits with exaggerated features, however after winning the ISCA championship he changed to a more realistic, comic book style & he began focusing primarily on drawing NBA players.
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March 5, 2019

Andrew Archer: Edo Ball

Andrew Archer (New Zealand) "Edo Ball"
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   Andrew Archer is the creative force behind Edo Ball, envisioning NBA players celebrated in the style of ancient Japanese woodblock prints called, ukiyo-e. A freelance illustrator from New Zealand, currently located in Melbourne, Australia with a passion for basketball. The prototypes for Edo Ball were "The Rock & The Ghost" prints back in 2013. Since then, the series has expanded to 32 original prints over 3 seasons which has been compiled into a beautiful artbook "Edo Ball: The Art of Basketball" available at the Edo Ball online store, along with all the prints below just click the images to purchase prints.
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October 20, 2018

Color Me Bear: Group Toy Show

Color Me Bear
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   Last weekend I caught a unique exhibit in Central World mall Bangkok. "Color Me Bear" is a group show featuring some of Thailand's greatest artists along with young up-&-comers all presenting paintings with accompanying custom versions of Medicom Toys' signature Be@rBrick figures. The event was expertly organized by Vinylnation Store, with a wide diversity of artists, thoughtful promotion, presentation & display which isn't easy in the middle of a shopping mall.
Color Me Bear 2018 designer Be@rBrick toy group show Thailand
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October 3, 2018

BamBamBam: Legends of the NBA

BamBamBam (Taiwan) 
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   The 2018-19 NBA season is about to begin & I want to celebrate with some of the most valuable basketball artists. Anyone who regularly follows this blog knows that I feature a lot of basketball art, because it's the greatest sport & the only one worth watching, playing or drawing.

   Let's tip off with Bamx3, a busy Taiwanese illustrator who works with the NBA, as well as many of the players, companies & media associated with the league. In this post I focus on Bamx3's depictions of the legends of the NBA with a few bonus illustrations at the end.
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September 29, 2018

Puck: Scary Sketches

Puck ไตรภัค สุภวัฒนา (Thailand)
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   In part 3 of my artist profile of Puck aka Tripuck Supawattana, I take a look at some of his best sketches. These are some of his most interesting pieces because they are totally free from any client, customer, publisher or fan expectations. They are snapshots of a creative mind (& talented hand) at play. He posts doodles from his sketchbooks on his Facebook & Instagram accounts.
Puck ไตรภัค สุภวัฒนา ( via: YellowMenace Blog
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September 28, 2018

Puck: Mai-Land

Puck ไตรภัค สุภวัฒนา (Thailand)
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   Primarily a Thai comic book artist, Puck aka Tripuck Supawattana has diversified into several other disciplines, GIFs, art toys, animation, illustrating for apparel & print ads. Because he is a prolific creator I have devoted 3 posts to his art. In this installment, I focus on his personal works which are essentially cynical political cartoons criticizing issues which plague Thailand.
Puck ไตรภัค สุภวัฒนา ( via: YellowMenace Blog
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September 27, 2018

CYH Works: Dangerous Doodles

Jayson Cyh 大腸王 (Taiwan)
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   Jayson CYH is a Taiwanese artist who creates intricate drawings often mixing pop culture with politics. Whether you call his art Neo-expressionism or Pseudo-naïve art, Jayson's creations evoke the rebellious juvenile spirit of drawing a dick in a school textbook. He fills his pieces with a complex mixture of textures & patterns complementing them with unusual color combinations that shouldn't work together, but do. His art expands beyond the page to creating wall murals & sculptures. He's an active member of the Taiwanese creative community, a fan of Asian hip-hop & basketball. 
Jayson CYH 大腸王 ( via: YellowMenace Blog
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September 26, 2018

Puck: Thai Bad Boy

Puck ไตรภัค สุภวัฒนา (Thailand)
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   Puck aka Tripuck Supawattana is a busy Thai illustrator who is always working on a wide variety of projects. He has animated a music video, creates GIFs, wall murals, coloring books, art toys & designs for several apparel companies as well as print ads. Puck began as a comic book artist  & still occasionally puts out a book when he has time.
Puck ไตรภัค สุภวัฒนา ( via: YellowMenace Blog
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