April 18, 2018

NBA Basketball Art Collection 2018

Basketball Art Collection 2:
Celebrating the 2018 NBA Playoffs
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   This is an all new batch of over 50 basketball art creations by 14 incredible international artists, along with a review of the most intriguing events in the association this year. The surprisingly dramatic, injury-filled 2017-18 NBA season & Conscious Basketball's second annual tribute to the Golden State Warriors "Dubz Against the World 2" inspired me to assemble this collection. Enjoy!

Hyper3 Ye (China) - 8 pics
Behance | Instagram

   Hyper Three Ye's heroic comic book style & ability to compose dynamic action poses makes him an in-demand sports illustrator around the world.
Hyper3 Ye - #YellowMenace Basketball Art Collection
  The popularity of basketball art is definitely growing, the first YellowMenace Basketball Art Collection, last year was one of my most popular posts of all time. Let's continue to support these fantastic artists by crediting & tagging them in reposts, retweets, reblogs, repins, etc & buying their official prints & merch when possible.

April 1, 2018

Felicia Chiao: Homebody

Felicia Chiao
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curated by YellowMenace (33+ images)

   Felicia Chiao fills her brown recycled paper sketchbooks like they're visual diaries of her emotional states. An industrial designer by day, her pencil, marker & watercolor drawings seem to express a deeply personal side of this private artist.
Felicia Chiao (bit.ly/2pln7YC) on YellowMenace.net Blog

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