June 30, 2015

ART: Zhang Yuxi (张玉玺) - Little Yellow Boy

Zhang Yuxi (张玉玺) - (19 Images)
Blue Dots Art  -  Asia Contemporary Art

   Zhang Yuxi was born in China, 1980 & graduated from Harbin University majoring in sculpture. The artist's work is easily recognizable by the tri-eyed little yellow boy, a main character he created in most of his work which represents hope & positivity. The tri-eye character represents the three different stages of life.
Zhang Yuxi (张 玉 玺) - http://www.bluedotsart.com/zhangyuxipage.html
HAIKU Art Review: Zhang Yuxi
Little yellow man

Blinded by colorful past

All seeing 3rd eye?
Zhang Yuxi (张 玉 玺) - http://www.bluedotsart.com/zhangyuxipage.html
    “The little boy reflects the experiences of those born during the 1980’s. As I was born in this time period, I know it well & portray this with childhood innocence.” 

June 28, 2015

ART: Sketch Master Kim JungGi

JungGi Kim (김정기) - (28 Images)
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   Master Kim JungGi loves drawing & seems to never stop sketching. He draws just about everything, as I have presented in these past posts; Ancient Asia, War & Holidays

   In this collection, I've gathered JungGi's sketches about sketching. These are less fantastic & more based on his actual surroundings; observing his art students at AniChanga, the art & animation school he co-directs, in the car with his family or just waiting around in a park.
Kim Jung Gi (Kim) - http://www.superani.com/kim/
HAIKU Art Review: Jung-Gi Kim
Freehand sketch master
Eraserless perfection
Divine fish-eyed view
Kim Jung Gi (Kim) - http://www.superani.com/kim/
See 17 more JungGi drawings in Sketches of Ancient Asia

June 27, 2015

ART: Tomas Overbai - Asian Characters

Tomas Overbai - (24 Images)
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   Tomas Overbai sells sketches of celebrities & famous characters. He's inspired by Akira Kurosawa, science fiction, post-apocalyptic fantasy & kung-fu movies. He has finished book one of his epic graphic novel series ICHIDO.
Tomas Overbai - http://www.fallensunasylum.org/
HAIKU Art Review: Tomas Overbai
Evolving pencil
Rough charismatic sketches
Longing for sumi
Tomas Overbai - http://www.fallensunasylum.org/

June 26, 2015

ART: Alice X. Zhang - Painted Celluloid

Alice X. Zhang
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   Alice X. Zhang is a full-time freelance designer, illustrator, & portrait artist with an enduring interest in cinema, comics, & pop culture.

   Alice's solo show "Moments II" is running until July 10, 2015 @ The Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. You can purchase prints online (the links below go directly to the store page, if the print isn't sold out already)

June 25, 2015

ART: Yosuke Ueno (上野陽介) - Kawaii Characters

Yosuke Ueno (上野陽介) - (28 Images)
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   Yosuke Ueno was born in Japan in 1977. He has been building his world since a young child & had his first solo show in Yamaguchi, Japan in 1994 at the young age of 16. Ueno's work has shown with some of the most established galleries, including major exhibitions in his home country of Japan at the Shimoni-Seki Museum & Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. He recently had a solo show at Thinkspace Gallery
Yosuke Ueno (上野陽介) - http://www.spaceegg77.com/
HAIKU Art Review: Yosuke Ueno
Fairytale characters

Surreal kawaii dreamscapes

Child's play DNA
Yosuke Ueno (上野陽介) - http://www.spaceegg77.com/
   "My hope for a piece is to complete itself beyond my imagination."

ART: Casper Kang - Bridging Perspectives

Casper Kang - (25 Images)
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   Born in Canada in 1981, Casper Kang lives & works in Seoul, South Korea. He draws inspiration from the corpus of traditional Korean imagery, reinterpreting & presenting the history of his mother culture as a formal recollection of an alternate past.
Casper Kang - http://casperkang.com/
HAIKU Art Review: Casper Kang
Outsider inside
Bridging cultures & history
Reconstructing time
Casper Kang - http://casperkang.com/