August 31, 2014

THAI: Chom Iz Fashion Victim

Chompoo (ชมพู่) - Araya Hargate (อารยา ฮาร์เก็ต)
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Image Sources: FB FanClub - DiChan

Chompoo is famous actress, singer, model.. (comedian?) of Thai, Lao & British descent. She has a warm, charismatic personality & tons of talent, her fashion sense however, is an area where she does not excel.
Chompoo (ชมพู่) - Araya Hargate (อารยา ฮาร์เก็ต)
    Yes, it's a fashion shoot, but you can always say "NO" when someone tries to stick a naked Barbie on ur head.
Chompoo (ชมพู่) - Araya Hargate (อารยา ฮาร์เก็ต)
    She looks like some crazy Eskimo cheerleader.

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ART: Khoa Le's Moldy Moods

Khoa Le aka MoonyWolf
Web  -  Facebook  -  DeviantArt

Khoa Le - MoonyWolf -

August 26, 2014

FILM: Raid 2 - GIFs of Relentless Carnage!

Raid 2: Berandal
Official  -  Watch Now

 WARNING: The GIFs below contain relentless violence. View at your discretion
Kode Abdo -
Poster by Kode Abdo

HAIKU Move Review: Raid 2 by Yellowmenace
Relentless carnage
How many lives can U take
B4 ur soul's lost?
Raid 2: Berandal -
   Written & Directed by Gareth Evans

August 24, 2014

ART: Audrey Kawasaki - Knows Ur Secret

Audrey Kawasaki
Web  -  Facebook  -  Tumblr

Audrey Kawasaki -
HAIKU Art Review: Audrey Kawasaki by Yellowmenace
Eyes calmly observe
Drowning dream, her hair enwraps
She knows your secret
Audrey Kawasaki -

FILM: Raid 2 - Hammer Girl

Raid 2: Berandal - GIFs
Official  -  Watch Now
Todor Hristov -
Poster by Todor Hristov

HAIKU Move Review: Raid 2 by Yellowmenace
Relentless carnage
How many lives can U take
B4 ur soul's lost?
Raid 2 -
Julie Estelle (Hammer Girl) was born on January 4th 1989, to her French-American father and Chinese-Indonesian mother. She began working in the entertainment industry as a model and actress. In 2005, when she was 15 years old, she starred in a local drama feature, ALEXANDRIA.

ザ・レイド: 極道 - This is the Japanese trailer for the theatrical release.

August 23, 2014

ART: Gegebo - Fairy Monsters

Yoshio Nakaoka - Gegebo Kurohoushi
Blog   -   DeviantArt
Yoshio Nakaoka - Gegebo -
HAIKU Art Review: Yokai (妖怪) by Yellowmenace
Whimsical creatures
In fantastic fairy tales
Live again thru art
Yoshio Nakaoka - Gegebo -
   Arrogant priests become 'Tengu' after death. They live in the mountains & can be good or evil.

   A video from The Japan Society listing the various types of Yokai.

ART: Song Hye Yeol (송혜열) - Rotten Eggs

Song Hye Yeol (송혜열)
Web  -  DeviantArt  -  PixIV  -  Tumblr
Song Hye Yeol (송혜열) -
HAIKU Art Review: Hye Yeol by Yellowmenace
Twisted, broken, stretched
Ingrained forms writhe, organs churn
Rotten Easter eggs
Song Hye Yeol (송혜열) -
    South Korean female artist, Song Hye Yeol (송혜열)'s bizarrely intoxicating 'pain'-tings on wood.

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August 20, 2014

ART: Joanna Krótka aka Asiulus

Joanna Krótka aka Asiulus (WGA)
Web  -  Tumblr  -  DeviantArt  -  Behance

Buy gallery quality giclée art prints from
Joanna Krótka aka Asiulus -
Raw neon sketchbook
Geek girl's escape to Asia
Full of wildflowers
Joanna Krótka aka Asiulus -
Joanna Krótka is an illustrator based in Poland. She's a geek with bad eyesight and weird sense of humor.

Whitey Goes AZN - YM's continuing series focusing on white artists influenced by Asia.

August 16, 2014

ART: Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze's Hong Kong

Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze - (WGA)
Web   -   Facebook   -   DeviantArt

Own RJL's photobook: 160 pages
Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze -
Haiku Art Review: RJL's Hong Kong by Yellowmenace
Push, stack, move, hustle
Steamy crowds of bright neon
Hong Kong will eat U
Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze -
   Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze is a French photographer born in France in 1987. He grew up in Paris suburbs until he moved abroad in 2008. Originally dedicated to visual art, his interest in photography started to prevail after his arrival in Hong Kong.

Whitey Goes AZN - YM's continuing series focusing on white artists influenced by Asia.

ART: Hoon - Creative Character

Hoon -
Haiku Art Review:  Hoon by Yellowmenace
Unique warriors
Endless imagination
Lusciously detailed
Hoon -
    10 years ago when I discovered Deviant Art, Hoon was one of the 1st artist I followed. The characters he creates are filled w/ so much life, just by looking at one of his pieces you can imagine a story & world the character would live in. 

ART: Kid Chan - Cyan Parade

Beatrice Tan aka Kid Chan
Facebook   -   DeviantArt   -   Tumblr

Society6 Shop: BUY - Stretched Canvases,  Art Prints,  cases/skins,  pillows & more 
Beatrice Tan - KidChan -

Haiku Art Review: Kid Chan by Yellowmenace
Sweet romance abounds
Drift away on patterned bliss
Muted hues askew
Beatrice Tan - KidChan -

ART: Sean Danconia - Secret AZN Man

Sean Danconia (WGA)
Web   -   Facebook    -   Brand

High Quality Canvas Prints @
Sean Danconia -

Haiku Art Review: Sean Danconia by Yellowmenace
Retro kung-fu funk
Reframing reality
Secret AZN man
Sean Danconia -
O-Ren Ishii - Alt version @

   Sean Danconia has built a seductive visual universe by marrying cult-cinema & animation to a wild pop-art aesthetic. Born in Montreal, Canada, Danconia was named after another “Sean”-Connery—by his mother, an intrepid James Bond fan. This early “Bondian” bullet would fire itself throughout his life and creative pursuits.

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Whitey Goes AZN - YM's continuing series focusing on white artists influenced by Asia.

ART: Hori Mitsu - Tattoo Master

Hori Mitsu: Honey Tattoo Parlor
Web  -  Facebook  -  Tumblr
Haiku Art Review: Hori Mitsu by Yellowmenace
Needles R his means
Gray hairs can't define your age
Youthful ink master
   If you're interested in getting a tattoo by Hori Mitsu this is the address & phone # of his studio in Japan.

Honey Tattoo - Nishiyama BLDG.#102 1-16-36 Ikebukuro, Toshima, Tokyo, Japan.
Phone - 03-3986-6671
   Hori Mitsu is very active on FB & Tumblr. He also travels a lot appearing as a guest artist @ tat parlors around the world, so if U can't make it to Japan keep an eye on his social media & book early if he visits a shop near U ;)

August 13, 2014

THAI: The Rising Sun - Meet the Cast

The Rising Sun: Characters
Web   -  Facebook   -   YouTube
   The Rising Sun is a new 2 part drama which is airing NOW on Ch3 in Thailand on Wed & Thurs @ 8:30pm

   Part I: Roy Rak Hak Liam Tawan (รอยรักหักเหลี่ยมตะวัน) stars Mario Maurer as 'Takeshi' & Taew Natapohn as 'Praew Dao/Seiko'
Mario Maurer as 'Takeshi' 

August 6, 2014

VID: Best of FEMM?

Far East Mention Mannequin
Official   -   Facebook   -   YouTube
"FEMM are like food that looks better than it tastes."
Haiku: FEMM by Yellowmenace
Manufactured pop
15 min flash in pan
Milli Vanilli
FEMM - Fxxk Boyz Get Money

   It's not that good, but it sure is pretty. Like the seductive plastic molded sushi platters displayed in Japanese restaurant windows, FEMM are all spectacle w/ zero substance & it seems like they planned it that way.
   It's "their" message to the world; be an empty, vacuous object w/ no memory of the past or concept of the future. "Kcuf boyz get $$$".
4 more beautifully empty videos below.

August 5, 2014

VID: Asians Making Fun of whitey

Jenny Yang: If AZNs said the stuff whitey says
   5.5 mil views & counting, 70K likes, 11K comments in less then 2 months. It's safe to say this video has gone Viral w/ a capital Oh My Buddha!

   If U enjoy 'white whine' (TM) check out the comments section. I fortunately, have become allergic to 'white whine'. It was the result of living in Asia for the past 15 years & hearing the mumbles, moans, & mewls of whitey experiencing discrimination for the first time. I now must avoid whitey at all cost because hearing about FWP (Fapping White Problems) gives me a severe rash & migraines.

YM's Fav YT comment:
"White tears... my favorite drink!"
- Chelsy Thenigrette
   & yes, I've experienced most of these multiple times, especially the:
W: But where R U REALLY from?
YM: Canada.
W: Ok, but where was your father born?
YM: Canada ..& my grandfather was born here too.
W: Wow, ur English is really good.

   Jenny Yang is a Los Angeles-based writer and stand up comedian who produces the first-ever (mostly) female, Asian American standup comedy tour, Dis/orient/ed Comedy. She is the regular co-host of Phil Yu's "Angry Asian America" talk show on ISAtv.                  Yellowmenace

August 4, 2014

THAI: Green (กรีน) - Rising Star

Green (กรีน)
Atsadaporn Siriwattanakul (อัษฎาพร สิริวัฒน์ธนกุล)
Web   -  Facebook
   Green is a singer, model & actress in Thailand. These are some of the intricate outfits from her musical performances.
   My fav Green Lakorn  is Maya See Mook with Vee Veraparb Suparbpaiboon (Ch.7 2013). She plays Kaimook a Thai girl working as a stunt double for a TV drama. She ends up becoming the lead actress in a drama set in Korea & ends up connecting w/ her long lost mother, Sinitha Boonyasak as JinJoo. If you noticed that last name, yes that is 'Ploy' Chermarn's older sister.
   Date of birth: September 14, 1989
   Height: 172 cm

August 3, 2014

ART: Hakan Photography in Japan

Akif Hakan Celebi - Hakan Photography
Web   -  Facebook   -   Tumblr

   Striving to go beyond established styles and widen the boundaries of photographic expression.
Haiku Art Review: Hakan by Yellowmenace
Distant from subject 
Outsider lensing inward
A ghost searching for...
   It's not easy to find info on Akif Hakan Celebi. I know he travels all over the world taking photos & works for fashion magazines. 

August 2, 2014

THAI: Chom iz Sexy Girl

Chompoo (ชมพู่) - Araya Hargate (อารยา ฮาร์เก็ต)
Web   -  Facebook

Chompoo (ชมพู่) - Araya Hargate (อารยา ฮาร์เก็ต)
   Chompoo (ชมพู่) is another multi-talented Thai superstar. She is a singer, model & actress.
Chompoo (ชมพู่) - Araya Hargate (อารยา ฮาร์เก็ต)
   She practices yoga to keep her body tight & toned.
Chompoo (ชมพู่) - Araya Hargate (อารยา ฮาร์เก็ต)