April 28, 2014

B-BALL: Lin Art

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   With the first few games of the 2014 NBA Playoffs already played, The Rockets look like they will fall in the first round to the Blazers.

   I thought I'd share some of the Jeremy Lin art I've been collecting from around the net before the Rockets season is over.
 Tak Wong - Young Dragon 
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   I've read some harshly critical comments re: Lin's performance in the Playoffs, which is all part of the 'Linsanity' backlash, which is subconsciously racist. Secret KKK trolls loaf in their computer chairs waiting for Lin to foul up.
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   In truth the entire Rockets team has been incredibly inconsistent against the Blazers, 2 mistakes for every good play. But Harden & Howard must shoulder the bulk of the blame as they got the big money 2 shine on this very stage, so far there have only been a few glimmers of superstar play.
 Jerry Ma - 3 teams
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   This is my first post about Lin, but I became a fan back when I saw him in Summer League for the Golden State Warriors. My hopes were super high for the first Asian-American to shine in the NBA. He couldn't do it with the Warriors, but we all know what happened in New York.

April 20, 2014

FILM: Teacher's Diary w/ Ploy Chermarn (พลอย)

"The Teacher's Diary (คิดถึงวิทยา)"
A film by Nithiwat Tharatorn (นิธิวัฒน์ ธราธร)
 The film stars Ploy (พลอย) - Chermarn Boonyasak (เฌอมาลย์ บุญยศักดิ์) as Ann, a teacher at a small rural school located on a lake.
   As U can C, Teacher's Diary looks like a remix of The Lake House, which was already a remake of the Korean film Siworae.

   Siworae starred Jun Ji-Hyun (전지현) & Lee Jung-Jae (이정재) who also worked together in Thieves


April 18, 2014

VID: Cole Horibe Resurfaces as Bruce Lee

  Don't worry it's not a musical!
Cole Horibe as Bruce Lee in off-Broadway dance theater Kung Fu
  Cole Horibe has landed a dream role as Bruce Lee in a major dance theater production simply called Kung Fu.
"An exhilarating portrait of international icon Bruce Lee's journey from troubled Hong Kong youth to martial arts legend, KUNG FU blends dance, Chinese opera, martial arts and drama into a bold new theatrical form. This world premiere production follows Lee in America as he struggles to prove himself as a fighter, a husband, a father, and a man."
  Introducing Cole Horibe as Bruce Lee

  If U don't know the name Cole Horibe, U obviously don't watch SYTYCD. He made a huge impact on the show w/ his unique style combining incredible martial arts skill, performance & dance.. witness.
SYTYCD S9 Cole Horibe Contemporary/Karate Audition
Lots more videos from Cole's past & future

ART: Fuco Ueda (上田風子)

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Japanese artist Fuco Ueda's ethereal paintings reviewed by Yellowmenace
  Secret Honey 2006
   Fuco Ueda is featured on the April cover of Hi-Fructose mag Vol 31
Japanese artist Fuco Ueda's ethereal paintings reviewed by Yellowmenace
Symbiosis 4: Slime mould 
   Fuco Ueda has an exhibition titled "Flower of Memory" at Thinkspace gallery in Culver City, CA
Japanese artist Fuco Ueda's ethereal paintings reviewed by Yellowmenace
    She has an art book LUCID DREAM - Fuco Ueda available for sale
Japanese artist Fuco Ueda's ethereal paintings reviewed by Yellowmenace
"Delicate, and yet simultaneously forceful and unsettling, the works seem to hover in a dream state of surfeit and exaggeration."
More strange indulgence below

April 2, 2014

FILM: Helter Skelter ヘルタースケルター

Helter Skelter ヘルタースケルター: Fashion Unfriendly
Helter Skelter ヘルタースケルター capped by Yellowmenace
Plastic Lilico
butterfly from empty shell
She flutters briefly
Helter Skelter ヘルタースケルター capped by Yellowmenace
Starring: Erika Sawajiri (沢尻エリカ) as Lilico
             Kiko Mizuhara (水原 希子) as  Kozue Yoshikawa
Helter Skelter ヘルタースケルター capped by Yellowmenace
Director: Mika Ninagawa
Based on the Manga by: Kyôko Okazaki 
Screenwriter: Arisa Kaneko
Producer: Mitsuru Uda, Morio Amagi
Cinematographer: Daisuke Soma
Release Date: July 14, 2012
Runtime: 127 min.
Helter Skelter ヘルタースケルター capped by Yellowmenace
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