April 18, 2014

VID: Cole Horibe Resurfaces as Bruce Lee

  Don't worry it's not a musical!
Cole Horibe as Bruce Lee in off-Broadway dance theater Kung Fu
  Cole Horibe has landed a dream role as Bruce Lee in a major dance theater production simply called Kung Fu.
"An exhilarating portrait of international icon Bruce Lee's journey from troubled Hong Kong youth to martial arts legend, KUNG FU blends dance, Chinese opera, martial arts and drama into a bold new theatrical form. This world premiere production follows Lee in America as he struggles to prove himself as a fighter, a husband, a father, and a man."
  Introducing Cole Horibe as Bruce Lee

  If U don't know the name Cole Horibe, U obviously don't watch SYTYCD. He made a huge impact on the show w/ his unique style combining incredible martial arts skill, performance & dance.. witness.
SYTYCD S9 Cole Horibe Contemporary/Karate Audition
Lots more videos from Cole's past & future
SYTYCD Pasa Doble 1st Routine Together - Lindsay Arnold/Cole Horibe
SYTYCD Cole Horibe/Allison Holker
  Yes! That's Sonya Tayeh from SYTYCD choreographing!

  & here's the Variety review of this off-Broadway production
"So long as Horibe and the guys are airborne, they have our rapt attention.  But this sprawling bio-dram lacks a cohesive narrative structure, and there’s no dramatic objective to all the fancy footwork."
- Marilyn Stasio
David Henry Hwang on the genesis of KUNG FU
  Will Cole Horibe make it as a major Hollywood star?

  Make ur predictions down in the comments.

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