April 30, 2015

ART: Jie Van - Dreamy Fairytale Worlds

Jie Van (羯梵) - (19 Images)
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   Taiwanese illustrator & painter Jie Van (羯梵) creates art that looks like pages from fantastic children’s story books. Balancing bold colors & strong textures, she walks a tightrope between gaudy & gorgeous. She combines immense skill & detail with vigorous youthful charm.
Jie Van (羯梵 ) - http://jievan.weebly.com/
Dreamy Fairytales
Colorful storybook pages
Thickly textured worlds
Jie Van (羯梵 ) - http://jievan.weebly.com/

April 29, 2015

ART: Bruce Lee - The Dragon Immortalized

Bruce Lee: Inspired Art Collection
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curated by YellowMenace (26+ images)

   In celebration of the 75th anniversary of Bruce Lee's birth, I have tried to assemble the definitive collection of art inspired by this charismatic kung fu icon. These 22 diverse artists pay homage, in their own unique styles to the man who double-fistedly redefined the image of the Asian male.

Craig Drake (Illustrator - American)
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Craig Drake - http://craigdrake.tumblr.com/

April 26, 2015

ART: Hiroki Tsukuda (佃弘樹) - Malibu Mazes

Hiroki Tsukuda (佃弘樹) - (15 images)
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Representation: Nanzuka

   Japanese artist Hiroki Tsukuda (佃弘樹) works primarily with charcoal & ink to create sprawling architectural dreamscapes. Born in Kagawa in 1978, he graduated from the Department of Imaging Arts & Sciences at Musashino Art University.
Hiroki Tsukuda (佃弘樹) - http://www.facebook.com/hiroki.tsukuda
HAIKU Art Review: Hiroki Tsukuda
Eerie puzzle places
Luxury Lynchian Mazes
Architects' inkblots
Hiroki Tsukuda (佃弘樹) - http://www.facebook.com/hiroki.tsukuda

ART: Witness the Absurd - Pastel Monster Portraits

Witness the Absurd - (28 works)
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   Witness the Absurd is a UK based student working her way through art school by selling T-shirts & doing commissions of manga, anime, game & kaiju monsters using her unique Miami vice color palette.
Witness the Absurd - http://witnesstheabsurd.tumblr.com/
HAIKU Art Review: Witness the Absurd
Deviant monsters
Pretty pink & baby blue
Approachable fiends
Witness the Absurd - http://witnesstheabsurd.tumblr.com/

April 22, 2015

ART: Gordon Cheung - Toxic Corporate Cowboys

Gordon Cheung - (30 works)
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   At first glance, Gordon Cheung's collaged paintings may look like an art student experimenting with Photoshop filters for the first time. The posterization, find edges, & solarized effects are actually achieved via a complex process of actual layering, which for Cheung always begins with the stock listings from newspapers as his base.
Gordon Cheung - http://www.gordoncheung.com/
HAIKU Art Review: Gordon Cheung
Toxic cowboys ride
Euphoric dystopia
Nuclear neon stock
Gordon Cheung - http://www.gordoncheung.com/
   Gordon is a British Born Chinese (BBC) of Hong Kong origin, born in 1975. He lives & works in London. He graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2001 with an MFA in painting.

April 18, 2015

ART: MinSuk Kim (김민석) - NBA 2014-15 Season in Review

MinSuk Kim (김민석) - (17 works)

   With the NBA Playoffs upon us, I thought it would be fun to take a visual review of this year's outstanding players via MinSuk's stylish illustrations.
Kim MinSuk (김민석) - https://www.facebook.com/nbaillustration
    MinSuk aka Kwang33 is one of the leading sports illustrators in Korea. He designs for several sports organizations, magazines & international clients. He has worked 10 years as the lead designer for the Korean magazine, "Rookie" which covers the NBA. He illustrates for the Korean Basketball League as well as Jumpball magazine which covers the KBL. He shares many of his designs on his Facebook page NBA Illustration.
Kim MinSuk (김민석) - https://www.facebook.com/nbaillustration
   This has been Stephan Curry's year. Truly a special season where everything seemed to come together for the Warriors. I think Steve Kerr is a very special basketball mind & his time with Gregg Popovich has had a lot to do with his current success. But Curry is the glue of the team, with his on court domination, focus & demeanor with Kerr & teammates which brought them to 67 wins & will take them deep into the playoffs.

April 17, 2015

ART: Hajime Sorayama (空山基) - Objets de Fétichisme

Hajime Sorayama (空山基) - (14 works)
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   Japanese painter Hajime Sorayama found fame in the 80s with skillfully executed, highly fetishized airbrushed portraits of sexy female forms. His "objets de fetish" quickly found their way into American men's magazines Playboy & Penthouse, from there he went on to illustrate movie posters, album covers & other ads for various international brands.
Hajime Sorayama (空山基) - http://www.sorayama.net/
HAIKU Art Review: Hajime Sorayama
Corporate sponsors

Want more S&M taboo

Fetishized females
Hajime Sorayama (空山基) - http://www.sorayama.net/
   Some of Sorayama's art is cringe inducingly sexist, but his images are so seductive, so technically masterful that he draws the viewer into his world. There is love &/or passion in his art. He lovingly objectifies women, he passionately fetishizes them & the results are fantastic guilty pleasures.

April 15, 2015

ART: Jonny Wan - Complex Simplicity

Jonny Wan - (18 works)
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   British born Chinese graphic artist Jonny Wan weaves simple geometric lines w/ irresistible patterns to create striking illustartions for numerous A-list clients such as; The Academy Awards, GQ, Audi, Nike, Wired, etc.

Representation: US - UK - France - Scandinavia
  Jonny Wan - http://www.jonnywan.com/
Precise arrangement
Pattern, color & form married
Digital kung-fu
Jonny Wan - http://www.jonnywan.com/
   Born in Sheffield, now working in Manchester for clients worldwide across advertising, editorial, publishing, fashion and product design.
   He studied at Manchester School of Art (class of 2008).