December 16, 2019

Shintaro Kago: Disconfiguration

Shintaro Kago 駕籠 真太郎 (JP)
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   WARNING: This post contains graphic depictions of displaced, dissected & mutilated human bodies. +18 Only!
   The art of Japanese manga artist & illustrator Shintaro Kago is a bizarre marriage between the cerebral, logic-defying labyrinths of MC Escher & the brutally shocking ero-guro masterpieces of Toshio Saeki. He is a uniquely original creative force, freely venturing out to the twisted & unpredictable fringes of our collective unconscious via narrative, drawing & short art videos.
ARTIST: Shintaro Kago 駕籠 真太郎 (JP)
   You can discover English versions of Kago's manga on Amazon/comiXology, including his most recent Dementia 21: Vol 2 available Feb 26, 2020

Caratoes: International StreetArt Vagabond

Caratoes (BE/HK) 
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   An international street art vagabond, Caratoes beautifies walls & lives with her elevated artistic style as she trots around the globe. Mashing Surrealism, Cubism & Expressionism in a Feminist food processor, she serves up a signature flavor which unmistakably, Caratoes. 
ARTIST: Caratoes (BE/HK) @caratoes