October 20, 2018

Color Me Bear: Group Toy Show

Color Me Bear
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   Last weekend I caught a unique exhibit in Central World mall Bangkok. "Color Me Bear" is a group show featuring some of Thailand's greatest artists along with young up-&-comers all presenting paintings with accompanying custom versions of Medicom Toys' signature Be@rBrick figures. The event was expertly organized by Vinylnation Store, with a wide diversity of artists, thoughtful promotion, presentation & display which isn't easy in the middle of a shopping mall.
Color Me Bear 2018 designer Be@rBrick toy group show Thailand
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October 3, 2018

BamBamBam: Legends of the NBA

BamBamBam (Taiwan) 
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   The 2018-19 NBA season is about to begin & I want to celebrate with some of the most valuable basketball artists. Anyone who regularly follows this blog knows that I feature a lot of basketball art, because it's the greatest sport & the only one worth watching, playing or drawing.

   Let's tip off with Bamx3, a busy Taiwanese illustrator who works with the NBA, as well as many of the players, companies & media associated with the league. In this post I focus on Bamx3's depictions of the legends of the NBA with a few bonus illustrations at the end.
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