October 26, 2019

Mr. Misang: All Consuming Capitalism

Lee JuYong aka Mr. Misang 미상씨 (KR)
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    Anyong Haseyo, Art Addicts! Prepare to wallow in complete excess.
ARTIST:  Mr. Misang 미상씨 (mrmisang.com) via: #YellowMenace.net/blog
   Mr. Misang is a Korean illustrator who constantly criticizes the overstimulated, overcrowded, total gluttony of modern urban life by over-stuffing his artworks with signs, symbols, machinery & pop culture references. He creates visual cacophony reflecting the oppressive emotional effects of living in South Korea, which is like a corporate culture pressure cooker because of it's relatively small size & rapid rise to the upper tier of the global market economy. Despite this, JuYong gets hired by numerous magazines & brands to illustrate posters, covers, animations, etc.

October 21, 2019

RianbowArt: Kawaii Candy-Coated Glitter Girls

RianbowArt aka Rian Gonzales (PH)
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   Kumusta, Art Fiends! Brace Urself for eye-candy overload!
ARTIST: Rian Gonzales @Rianbowart (rianbowart.carbonmade.com) via: YellowMenace.net
   Rian Gonzales (aka Rianbowart) is a Freelance Illustrator from the Philippines who is known for her infectiously exuberant, candy-themed pieces. Most of her art depicts women in trendy fashion, delectable sweets & neon colors created using markers, colored pencils, watercolor & lots of glitter. She has done cover work for international comic companies such as Marvel, Archie Comics (Betty & Veronica , Josie & the Pussycats), IDW Publishing (Jem & the Holograms), etc. She often attends various international artistic conventions, such as Comic Cons where you can buy her prints or commission original signed drawings.