May 31, 2015

ART: Craig Drake - Asian Influences

Craig Drake: Asian Influences
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*UPDATED: Nov 2017

   With minimal as the mantra of the 2010s, Craig Drake's art has come along at just the right moment. He balances simplicity with enough well placed detail & beloved pop subject matter to make his work irresistible.

   This post focuses on Asian movie, anime & comic pop icons. This isn't the first time I've featured Craig's art & I can guarantee you it won't be the last.

   Craig recently had his second solo show at Hero Complex Gallery. The links to purchase prints below all lead to the Hero Complex Store. (Art without links has already sold out)

Akira - Foil Variant (36" x 12") 
Craig drake -

HAIKU Art Review: Craig Drake
80s graphic style

Artistic economy

Slick pop nostalgia

Craig drake -
Beatrix or Gogo - Large Variant Editions of 25 (24" x 72")

Craig Drake - Kill Bill O-ren Ishii on YellowMenace Blog

ART: Sketches of Ancient Asia by Kim JungGi (김정기)

JungGi Kim (김정기) - (17 Images)
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   The argument over artistic talent vs effort ends with Kim JungGi. He is a uniquely gifted master artist who draws sprawling wide-angle murals, in ink with no references, relying only on images in his mind & without making any mistakes. His most recent accomplishment was setting the Guinness World Record for longest & fastest fish-eye art illustration at Odeon in Penang, Malaysia.
Kim Jung Gi (Kim) -
HAIKU Art Review: Jung-Gi Kim
Freehand sketch master
Eraserless perfection
Divine fish-eyed view
Kim Jung Gi (Kim) -
   To fully understand Jung Gi's genius, watch the drawing performance he did for Christie's Auction House. He travels all over the world performing his art. Typically, he works for 2-3 days on a large mural while cameras record his progress, then the time-lapse video gets upload to his YouTube channel.  

JungGi Kim's Drawing Performance for Christie's

Samurai Inspired Art Collection

Samurai Inspired (武士触発)
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   The helmet, the armor, the blades & the code... Everything about the samurai is intriguing. Artists especially, amateur & pro have their imaginations ignited by this ancient Japanese warrior.

   I've assembled 40 of my favorite bushi from 40 brilliant artists creating traditional & historically accurate samurai, pop remixed ronin, sci-fi shizoku, sexy onna-bugeisha & abstract yakuza.

Yuta Onoda (Japan)  Facebook - Twitter
Yuto Onoda -

HAIKU: Samurai Spirit
Pure controlled motion

Restless pen, ink flows like blood

Soul of Bushido

Aditya Permadi aka subjektzero -
Aditya Permadi aka Subjektzero (Indonesia)

ART: Korean Basketball Illustrated by Kim Minsuk

MinSuk Kim (김민석) - (13 works)

   There's been a lot of basketball over the last 2 months & with the NBA Finals about the begin I wanted to present a different perspective through the incredible work of Korean illustrator, CEO & instructor, MinSuk Kim (김민석).
Kim MinSuk (김민석) -
   Kim MinSuk aka Kwang33 is one of the leading sports illustrators in Korea. He designs for several sports organizations, magazines & international clients. He has worked 10 years as the lead designer for the Korean magazine, "Rookie" which covers the NBA. He illustrates for the Korean Basketball League as well as Jumpball magazine which covers the KBL. He shares many of his designs on his Facebook page NBA Illustration.
Kim MinSuk (김민석) -

May 10, 2015

ART: Rudcef - Tear Away Faces

Rudcef  -  (21 Images)
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    South Korean Illustrator Rudcef uses his art to connect with people & overcome social anxiety. He was majoring in statistics when the death of a family member caused him to reevaluate life & pursue a career in art. He has done many celebrity portraits, such as A$AP Yams & Rocky, Lana Del Rey, & Kendall Jenner.
Dark pigments align 
Sick artistic autopsy
Faces tear away 
   I draw for “compathy” - sharing my feelings via art to fill the absence of communication in my life. All humans appear different, but we have the same organs, so for me anatomy represents our genuine being.