April 19, 2017

NBA Basketball Art Collection

NBA Basketball Art Collection 2017
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curated by Yellowmenace (48+ images)

   Here's a fantastic collection of basketball art by superstar Asian artists around the globe celebrating the league's elite players & teams, just in time for the NBA playoffs.

BamBamBam (Taiwan) - 5 pics
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BamBamBam (Taiwan) - NBA Basketball Art

April 16, 2017

Attack on Titan Art Collection

Shingeki no Kyojin 進撃の巨人
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   The long awaited second season of the Attack on Titan anime series is finally airing, so I thought it was a good time to share these 42+ AoT artworks I've been collecting since 2015. 

Reau aka Jarreau Wimberly (US) - Attack on Titan

April 11, 2017

ART: James Jean - Blue Period

James Jean: Blue Period
curated by Yellowmenace (32+ images)

   This final feature on James Jean highlights the disproportionate number of blue hued artworks he's created.
James Jean art - www.jamesjean.com

ART: James Jean - Sketches

James Jean: Sketchbook
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curated by Yellowmenace (28+ images)

   In this second part of my 3 part feature on Taiwanese American artist, James Jean I focus on his pencil & ink drawings, street art, sketchbooks & B&W print work. 
James Jean art - www.jamesjean.com

ART: James Jean - Taiwanese Surrealist

James Jean: Taiwanese Surrealist
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curated by Yellowmenace (40+ images)

   James Jean is a Taiwanese American visual artist, known for both his commercial work & fine art gallery work. He is known in the American comics industry as a cover artist for various books published by DC Comics, as well as for his work for Prada, ESPN & Atlantic Records.
James Jean art - www.jamesjean.com

April 9, 2017

ART: Takashi Murakami - The 500 Arhats

Takashi Murakami 村上 隆: The 500 Arhats
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curated by Yellowmenace (34+ images)

   This exhibition focused on Takashi Murakami (村上 隆)'s recent work, mainly his epic "The 500 Arhats", a 3-meterhigh, 100-meter-long painting of the 500 enlightened followers (arhats) of Buddha, created in response to the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. Some large sculptural pieces & abstract paintings are also included.
Source: Mori Art MuseumTakashi Murakami 村上 隆 - http://www.facebook.com/TakashiPom

April 5, 2017

Ghost in the Shell Art Collection

Ghost in the Shell
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curated by Yellowmenace (38+ images)

   I had to do a GITS art collection, with all the controversy swirling around this film I felt compelled to weigh in on the issues of whitewashing & appropriation. I'll be peppering my comments & supporting videos in with 38+ thought provoking artworks from talented artists around the world.
LA: Lindeman Associates - Ghost in the Shell