October 31, 2015

ART: Wu Ming Zhong (武明中) - Heart of Glass

Wu Ming Zhong (武明中)
Web  -  Yang Gallery
[52 images / 2 pages]

   Wu Ming Zhong was born in Hebei province China in 1963. In most of his paintings he uses a monochrome palette with reds as the defining accents.  He is the Associate Professor & Director of the Oil Painting Research Office for the College of Fine Arts at Capital Normal University. He was a visiting scholar at Liebin Academy of Fine Arts in Russia & Buffalo State College in the USA.
Wu Ming Zhong (武明中) - http://www.wumingzhong.org/
HAIKU Art Review: Wu Ming Zhong
Fragile heart of glass
In a cold monochrome world
Life painted in blood
Wu Ming Zhong (武明中) - http://www.wumingzhong.org/
   "My work isn’t like the work of Edward Munch – paintings shot through with obvious expressions of pain. My paintings, rather, are easy on the eye & serve to dissipate the pain."
Wu Ming Zhong (武明中) - http://www.wumingzhong.org/

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October 26, 2015

ART: Kriangkrai Kongkhanun - The Torments of Sin

Kriangkrai Kongkhanun (เกรียงไกร กงกะนันทน์)
Blog  -  Facebook  -  Tumblr
[53 Images / 2 Pages]

   Kriangkrai Kongkhanun was born in 1980 & graduated with a Masters degree from Silpakorn University in Thailand. He attempts to characterize the dark thoughts & emotions of humans whose minds are seized by sin as described in different legends & ancient Buddhist scriptures. Kriangkrai's art depicts the abstract concepts of hatred, anger, vengeance, greed & jealousy, his Neo-Primitive designs symbolize the karma of humanity.
Kriangkrai Kongkhanun (เกรียงไกร กงกะนันทน์) - http://kongkhanun.blogspot.com
HAIKU Art Review: Kriangkrai Kongkhanun
Creatures of desire
Evil manifestations
Our karmic mirror
Kriangkrai Kongkhanun (เกรียงไกร กงกะนันทน์) - http://kongkhanun.blogspot.com

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October 22, 2015

ART: Kazu Livingstone - Graphic Poetry

Kazu Livingstone aka Slim Panda / Kayzer Bubu
[68 images / 3 pages]
DeviantArt  -  Facebook  -  Twitter  -  Behance

   Kazu Livingstone is a Eurasian poet & political artist from Penang Island, Malaysia. His art has been exhibited on five continents & he's collaborated with artists from around the world.
Kazu Livingstone / Kayzer Bubu - http://www.facebook.com/kayzerbubu
HAIKU Art Review: Kazu Livingstone 
Graphic poetry
Artistic activism
Pop propaganda
Kazu Livingstone / Kayzer Bubu - http://www.facebook.com/kayzerbubu

October 16, 2015

ART: Nekoshowgun (猫将軍) - Inked Wild Things

Nekoshowgun (猫将軍) - [66 Images / 3 Pages]
Web  -  Facebook  -  Twitter  -  Shop

   Nekoshogun is an illustrator who was born in Wakayama prefecture in 1982. She's expanded her popularity in Japan & also in the United States since she uploaded videos of her drawing process & her illustration has been used by the famous singer, Kyosuke Himuro. She recently published her own illustration book, Illustration Making & Visual Book
Nekoshowgun (猫将軍) - http://nekoixa.com/
HAIKU Art Review: Nekoshowgun
Master of contrasts
Primal urges, black & white
Color's a sweet treat
Nekoshowgun (猫将軍) - http://nekoixa.com/

October 14, 2015

ART: Artgerm's Superbelles

Artgerm aka Stanley Lau (53 images)
DeviantArt  -  Facebook  -  Livestream

   53 gorgeous "Superbelles" from Singapore based artist Stanley "Artgerm" Lau. Stanley & Imaginary Friends, the design company he co-founded are sought out by the biggest names in the gaming, comic book & entertainment industries because of his rare ability to illustrate sexy, strong, confident female heroines.
Artgerm aka Stanley Lau - https://society6.com/artgerm/prints?curator=yellowmenace
HAIKU Art Review: Artgerm - Superbelle
Infectious beauty
Superbelles saving the world
Spreading artistry
Artgerm aka Stanley Lau - https://society6.com/artgerm/prints?curator=yellowmenace
SUPERBELLE | Book Two - 24 pages

   Born & bred in Hong Kong, the multifaceted Stanley wears different hats as an illustrator, designer, concept artist, creative director & instructor at 3D Sense Media School - Concept Design & Illustration Program.
Artgerm aka Stanley Lau - https://society6.com/artgerm/prints?curator=yellowmenace

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October 7, 2015

ART: Jed Henry & Dave Bull - Ukiyo-e Heroes

Jed Henry & David Bull (40 Images)
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   Jed Henry is an illustrator, lifelong gamer, Japanophile & all-around nerd. He grew up copying art from game manuals & years later, eventually got a degree in animation. He now works full time on Japanese prints.
Jed Henry & Dave Bull - http://www.ukiyoeheroes.com/
Cat vs. Raven - signed giclée print (12 x 17 in)

   David Bull has been in Tokyo since before Jed was born, having gone there to learn what he could about the craft of traditional woodblock printmaking & has been making his living at it for nearly 25 years now. For most of that time, he worked as a solo craftsman (carving, printing, self-publishing), but for the past couple of years has been working with younger people to train them in the techniques, under the umbrella of his Mokuhankan publishing venture.

The Lone Hunter - #10 of 12 in Subscription Print Set
Jed Henry & Dave Bull - http://www.ukiyoeheroes.com/
HAIKU Art Review: Ukiyo-e Heroes
Fan 2 fine artist
Outsider 2 old master 
Cultural reboot
Jed Henry & Dave Bull - http://www.ukiyoeheroes.com/
Warrior - signed giclée print (12 x 17 in)

   "Not only are we making fun, meaningful art. We’re also working to save the Japanese woodblock community in a very real way. Through print sales, Dave has been able to pay a workshop full of apprentices & even employ seasoned masters in the craft!"

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EVENT: Kumi Contemporary at Moniker Art Fair

   Kumi Contemporary will be participating in the Moniker Art Fair 2015 on the 15th - 18th October, 2015 at the Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London. The Moniker Art Fair offers thousands of Londoners the opportunity to enjoy the events of London’s prestigious Art Week.
   This year, Kumi Contemporary is excited to join the fair & will be showcasing a wonderful collection of works by Takashi Murakami, Chiho Aoshima & Hush.