April 28, 2014

B-BALL: Lin Art

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   With the first few games of the 2014 NBA Playoffs already played, The Rockets look like they will fall in the first round to the Blazers.

   I thought I'd share some of the Jeremy Lin art I've been collecting from around the net before the Rockets season is over.
 Tak Wong - Young Dragon 
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   I've read some harshly critical comments re: Lin's performance in the Playoffs, which is all part of the 'Linsanity' backlash, which is subconsciously racist. Secret KKK trolls loaf in their computer chairs waiting for Lin to foul up.
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   In truth the entire Rockets team has been incredibly inconsistent against the Blazers, 2 mistakes for every good play. But Harden & Howard must shoulder the bulk of the blame as they got the big money 2 shine on this very stage, so far there have only been a few glimmers of superstar play.
 Jerry Ma - 3 teams
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   This is my first post about Lin, but I became a fan back when I saw him in Summer League for the Golden State Warriors. My hopes were super high for the first Asian-American to shine in the NBA. He couldn't do it with the Warriors, but we all know what happened in New York.

Jerome Bulaong - Lincredible 
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   On the Rockets, Lin has been a good back-up point guard & that's about the best that can B said for this season. I'm not sure he has the drive or skill to take it to another level in this quickly approaching off-season.
Krzysztof Domaradzki - Black ops 
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   I do believe Lin will have some big games, as he does seem to improve as games get deeper into the 4th quarter. He could have some special moments on the right team ala Steve Kerr or like Mike Dunleavy had recently.
Justin Remalante  - Bal lin

   Like it or not Jeremy Lin is more than just a basketball player, he's a symbol of hope for literally billions of basketball loving Asians around the globe who are happy to see a yellow face on the court contributing.
Sean Wei - #7 
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Chris P Jones - Lin Pop

 Jerry Ma - 3 teams
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S. Preston  - Super lin-tendo
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Jeremy Lin: Point Guard, Houston Rockets
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