August 6, 2014

VID: Best of FEMM?

Far East Mention Mannequin
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"FEMM are like food that looks better than it tastes."
Haiku: FEMM by Yellowmenace
Manufactured pop
15 min flash in pan
Milli Vanilli
FEMM - Fxxk Boyz Get Money

   It's not that good, but it sure is pretty. Like the seductive plastic molded sushi platters displayed in Japanese restaurant windows, FEMM are all spectacle w/ zero substance & it seems like they planned it that way.
   It's "their" message to the world; be an empty, vacuous object w/ no memory of the past or concept of the future. "Kcuf boyz get $$$".
4 more beautifully empty videos below.
   So why am I promoting such a pointless & ultimately destructive message on this here blog?
Because, like department store mannequins they sure make great window dressing. They've hired some talented designers & artists to compose these MVs, creating fantastic images.. signifying nothing.
FEMM - Kill The DJ

   Honey-B (aka RiRi, aka SW-000000) & W-Trouble (aka LuLa, aka MS-000000) try to engage fans w/ some ridiculous high concept backstory about saving mistreated "dolls" & "mannequins" thru their performances. 
   Meanwhile they adopt every negative Asian female stereotype, from the Ghost in the Shell sex-doll/robot, submissive/passive maids, latex sailor schoolgirl uniforms to futuristic pretty in pink Barbie dolls.  
FEMM - Astroboy feat. Honey-B & W-Trouble

FEMM - White Noise

FEMM - UFO feat. Fz from sfpr vs Invaderous

Far East Mention Mannequin
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