August 21, 2014

DANCE: World Order - Genki Renaissance

World Order - Genki Renaissance
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HAIKU: World Order by Yellowmenace
Fit in 2 stand out
Synchronized cyborgs in suits
Genki renaissance

Produced & Directed by GENKI SUDO (須藤元気)
   Genki is also a wrestler, dancer, composer, lyricist, singer, choreographer, writer... um, an all-round busy guy  

   In high school, Genki's main interest was wrestling. He established himself in junior wrestling competitions then moved to the US after graduation to continue his martial arts training. He returned to Japan as a professional MMA fighter in K-1, UFC & others.
   He retired from fighting in 2006 to focus on the entertainment arena, as a writer of several books & the driving creative force in World Order.
 Genki Sudo gets my vote for world's most interesting person. He B like,
"I can kick ur ass, write a song about how I kicked ur ass, sing that song about kicking ur ass while dancing like a robot in sync w/ my awesome crew." 
Imperialism - WO continue to branch out beyond Japan, this time to Washington DC w/ a piece titled: Imperialism (a policy or practice by which a country increases its power by gaining control over other areas). For a dance company sponsored by major corporations (Toyota, Asiana, Visa, etc), this is a strong & clear political statement.

   Dancers: Genki Sudo, Takashi Jonishi, Hayato Uchiyama, Akihiro Takahashi, Masato Ochiai, Yusuke Morisawa, Ryuta Tomita

Have a Nice Day - A fun video showcasing the Akihabara district of Tokyo

Live Performance in Budokan (Apr 20, 2013) - Stunning use of video images to accompany their dancing.

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World Order: Live in Budokan blu-ray
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Aquarius (live) - Incredible! This is where they prove that they are truly skilled dancers.

Machine Civilization - A bit slow but watch the amazing Tut-machine near the end

Permanent Revolution - Filmed in South Korea

Boy Meets Girl - A telling commentary on post-uni dating in Japan & East Asia in general

World Order - The original song & video that started the phenomenon