May 25, 2014

VID: Seriously AZN Videos

   Here are 4 videos that define the Asian-American or AZN outside of Asia experience.

   With over 20 mil combined views it's safe 2 say these vids resonate w/ a whole lot of Yellow folks.

What kind of Asian are you?
Directed by Ken Tanaka and David Neptune
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   What Asians dealing with white ppl must cope with *sigh*. 

Shit White People Say to Asians by Ralf Wyn
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Shit Asian Moms Say
by Just Kidding Films
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   A gross stereotype U can't believe until U meet someone who is exactly like that. 
   IMO this is an acurate impersonation of his Mom, which is why she's such a charming character.

AZN Card
by The Fung Bros
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   Take the test & check Ur score.
   R U a true yellow sista/bro or R U just a banana fakin' the flow?                Yellowmenace