July 6, 2014

THAI: The Rising Sun - New Lakorn!

The Rising Sun: Part I & II
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   The Rising Sun is a new 2 part drama which is airing NOW on Ch3 in Thailand on Wed & Thurs @ 8:30pm

   Part I: Roy Rak Hak Liam Tawan (รอยรักหักเหลี่ยมตะวัน) stars Mario Maurer as 'Takeshi' & Taew Natapohn as 'Praew Dao'
   Part II:  Roy Fun Tawan Deud (รอยฝันตะวันเดือด) stars Barry - Nadech Kugimiya (ณเดชน์ คูกิมิยะ) as 'Ryu' & Yaya (ญาญ่า) Urassaya Sperbund (อุรัสยา เสปอร์บันด์) as 'Mayumi'
Mario Maurer as 'Takeshi' & Taew Natapohn as 'Praew Dao'

Here is the teaser for Part I: Roy Rak Hak Liam Tawan (รอยรักหักเหลี่ยมตะวัน)  
   Roy Rak Hak Liam Tawan (รอยรักหักเหลี่ยมตะวัน)

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Rising Sun - Ya-Dech Factor Yaya Fashion Model
PLOT: Takeshi (Mario Maurer) is the youngest son of the biggest yakuza family in Yokohama. He falls for Praew Dao (Taew Natapohn), a Thai student on scholarship, but he already has a fiancée, Iko.
   Takeshi unexpectedly has to become the head of the yakuza group instead of his father, and take revenge. When his enemies and fiancée learn about his love for Praew Dao, she becomes their target. Takeshi must protect Praew Dao from rival yakuza gangs & Iko, his vengeful ex-fiancée.
   The Rising Sun is based on a 3 part book series by Nara (ณารา), a famous Thai novelist who has had many of her book made into dramas.
Roy Fun Tawan Deud (รอยฝันตะวันเดือด) 
PLOT: Mayumi (Yaya Urassaya Sperbund) is a girl who Ryu (Barry - Nadech Kugimiya)’s uncle chose for him to marry, but he doesn't meet her until years later. Ryu finally shows up and proposes to her, but Mayumi believes that he has any feeling for her, so she rejects him. Ryu, as a yakuza, won’t take no for an answer.
    The problem between the two yakuza clans reignite and, this time, his enemies try to totally eliminate his gang. Ryu has to fight for his power and his love.
Some Behind the scenes footage of filming in Japan & short interview with the lovely Yaya
   This must have been a very special project for Nadech because his adoptive father is Japanese. Getting a chance to experience Japanese culture & learn some of the language was surely a proud experience for him.
  Yaya looks super stunning as Mayumi. This could be the role that launches her into international stardom.
   Yaya fan art
   A handy character chart to keep track of all the relationships
   Info sources: Iheartlakorns  -  PopV
   Photo sources: FB-Urassayaclub  -  TheRisingSunSeries  -  Kapook.com
The Rising Sun: Part I & II
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