July 20, 2014

FILM: Sion Sono's - Tokyo Tribe (特報)

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Tokyo Tribe (特報)  -  FB
Sion Sono Tokyo Tribe Yakuza film poster
   Why I want 2 C it: I am a Sion Sono fan, but he isn't a god in my eyes. He takes HUGE risks making movies that no one else could make or even conceive. Sometimes the results are brilliant a la Noriko's Dinner Table which is his best so far. Love Exposure had its moments, but needed an editor to hack about 1 hr out. I couldn't finish Guilty of Romance it was so pointless.

   Tokyo Tribe looks way, way over the top, cartoon yakuza in an alternate universe. Like Sono saw the end of Miike Takashi's Dead or Alive 1 & said "the whole film should B this crazy".
   This has the potential to be his most accessible & entertaining film to date, of course it could also end up being one strange pile of dog shit. One thing's guaranteed, the movie will be filled w/ guttural yakuza cries of "EeeRRRLLAAAaaaa!" & that's good enough for me :)  

Trailers via: CinemaToday
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Starring: Ryohei Suzuki (鈴木亮平), Young Dais (ヤング ダイス), Nana Seino (清野菜名)

   Yakuza gangs on the rampage in the streets of Tokyo in the near future!

   Release Date (劇場公開日): 2014年8月30日

Sion Sono Tokyo Tribe Yakuza film
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