July 7, 2014

ART: Erik Jones - The Iris On

Erik Jones
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July 5 - 26, 2014
804 Sutter Street, San Francisco, California 94109 | 
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Haiku Art Review: Erik Jones by Yellowmenace
Women wrapped in hue
Defined by geometry
Color dominates
Neon Genesis 
"..the forms are consuming the figure. Not in an aggressive or obtrusive way but more like wearing clothes that are alive. Clothes that revere you, they breathe with you.”
  - Erik Jones interviewed by Zach Tutor of SuperSonicArt

   I'm pretty sure Erik has been watching Kill la Kill in his spare time ;)
   Erik Jones was born in 1982 in a sunny beach community in St. Petersburg Florida.
He received a bachelor’s degree from Ringling College of Art and Design in 2007.
The City
   Erik is obviously white & presents various types of women in his paintings, however I have compiled pieces featuring Asian women or themes as part of my Whitey Goes AZN series of blogs.
   I love in progress photos. They put the art back into the context of a creation made by a human hand (& heart). It's a bit humbling to see completely ordinary pencil crayons laying on the luminous image Erik has created.

   I have the same pencils, but it takes me & my daughter an hour & a half to color in a Power Rangers coloring book. Mind U, it is one hell of a coloring job reminiscent of Erik's work with bright bold colors enveloping the figure.
   Erik now focuses on painting primarily for galleries. He uses multiple mediums such as watercolor, colored pencil, acrylic, water-soluble wax pastel and water-soluble oil on paper.
   Erik's work is vibrant and colorful, expressing a heightened sense of realism, captured in his female subjects, juxtaposed with sporadic mark making and nonrepresentational forms that could be said to mimic geometric high-end fashion.
Erik Jones
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