July 14, 2014

FILM: Kundo: Age of the Rampant 군도: 민란의 시대 캐릭터 예고편

New Korean movies I want to see in 2014:
Kundo: Age of the Rampant 
군도: 민란의 시대 캐릭터 예고편
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감독(Director): 윤종빈(Yoon Jong-bin)
출연(Cast): 하정우(Ha Jeong-woo), 강동원(Kang Dong-won)
   The year is 1859, feudal Choseon is plagued with numerous natural disasters, poor harvest, poverty. hunger and death. But the rich nobles are only concerned with their own wealth and continue to exploit and persecute the poor. In this dark period, KUNDO was a single shred of hope for the poor, an entity which can be the subject of fear to unjust nobles.

장르(Genre) : 시대극, 액션(Historical, Action)
개봉일(Release Date) : 2014년 7월 23일(2014/07/23)

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