October 29, 2014

VID: Endless Asian Basketball Stream

    In honor of the start of the 2014-15 NBA season, here are a trailer load of not so serious, non-professional basketball vids from some of my fav Asian Youtubers.
David So  -  Fung Bros  -  ISAtv 
David So - Basketball via Yellowmenace
Street Ballin Basics - Let's begin w/ a funny sketch showing an Asian trash talker taking one step beyond.

   What am I supposed to do, talk about the only active Asian player in the NBA, Jeremy Lin? Man, I caught Linsanity when he was in the GSW Warriors Summer League.

   There's FOB Asian player coming up, Yuki Togashi who I believe will make into the NBA this season as a replacement for an injured PG.
U heard it here 1st!

Watch the YT Playlist or checkout the rest of the vids below

   StreetBall Etiquette! - Davis So breaks down the various types of players we all endure at pick-up games & rec leagues.
   Asian Guys Talk NBA (2014-2015 Seasons Preview) - They also demo some expected highlights from their fav teams.

   Vlog 78: Hoopin Dreams - Mr. So rants on amateur ballers who B keepin' tha dream alive when they have no hope of goin' pro.

   Asian NBA Players - A list of all the Asians who've played in the NBA. Unfortunately it's a very short list, but you'll be surprised how far back in history it goes.
   NBA Signature Moves - The Fung Bros attempt to demo some of their fav skills from NBA players they admire.
    Shaolin Basketball (skit) - Fung Brothers
    YouTube Celeb ISA Basketball Game - Fung Bros
   ISA Game Time! Pt. 1 - Smack Talk, Smack Down!
    ISA Game Time! Pt. 2 - Game On!
    Basketball Redeems Us! ISA Charity Game
    626 Asian Hoopfest 2012 - Fung Bros
  1 on 1 basketball w/ David So
David So  -  Fung Bros  -  ISAtv 

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