October 30, 2014

VID: Yuki Togashi (富樫勇樹) is ALMOST in the NBA!

Yuki Togashi (富樫勇樹) is ALMOST in the NBA!

   Japanese point guard, Yuki Togashi (167cm) impressed fans & coaches by playing big for the Dallas Mavericks summer league team, but he didn't quite make the cut.
   Well, he didn't, then he did, then he didn't. 

   Togashi was signed to the Mavs on Oct 15 & then waived on Oct 21 :( He did not get to play in a preseason game. 
   I don't think we've seen the last of him, tho. The Mavs will most likely sign him to their D-league team, Texas Legends & call him up if their guards get injured or don't perform up to expectation. 

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Photo source: NBA.co.jp

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