March 10, 2014

VID: Vice Japan – Kenbo Yakuza Musician

8 fingered Kenbo w/ Eng subs
8 Fingered Kenbo - Vice Japan -
 Kenbo is a local celebrity in Okinawa.
8 Fingered Kenbo - Vice Japan -
   Kenbo wasn't always the smiling, good natured Buddha-like character he is today. For eight years he was a member of one of Japan's Yakuza syndicates. His two missing pinky fingers reveal a troubled past consisting of alcohol, drug abuse, fights, and gambling.
   After getting ex-communicated from his Yakuza clan, he eventually turned his life around with the help of his love for Okinawan music - the Sanshin in particular, which is like a banjo with three strings.                       Yellowmenace