December 19, 2017

Asian Star Wars Art Collection II: Last Jedi Edition

Asian Star Wars Art Collection: Part 2
The Last Jedi Edition
SW Official | DesignByHumans Society6
curated by YellowMenace (55+ images)

   I couldn't resist the pull to do a second installment of my Asian Star Wars Art Collection. You do not yet know the power of the Yellow side. 

   This post features a massive 55+ Star Wars drawings, digital paintings & sculptures created by Asian artists &/or Asian inspired fan art from a diverse variety of international artists. I've even included Star Wars characters remixed with classical Roman sculpture, Victorian photography & bootleg art toys.

Alice X. Zhang - Asian Star Wars Art on

November 27, 2017

Bruce Lee 77th Anniversary Art Collection

Art Tribute for Bruce Lee's 77th Birthday
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curated by YellowMenace (45+ images)

   On the occasion of Bruce Lee's 77th birthday (Nov 27, 1940), I wanted to present a new art collection to celebrate a true legend who has influenced people all around the world to pursue excellence in their lives.

   It's been 2 years since I complied the "Dragon Immortalized" art collection, celebrating what would have been his 75th birthday. 

   I hope you enjoy my second collection of Lee inspired artworks. Please share this with the Bruce Lee fans in your life. :)

Adam Chow (Hong Kong)
Adam Chow (Hong Kong) - Bruce Lee art collection @ YellowMenace

October 17, 2017

Thai King Rama IX Art Collection 2

Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej Art Collection
Celebrating the Life of Rama IX The Great

Official BACC | The Nation
curated by YellowMenace (45+ images)

   The King of Thailand passed 1 year ago & now the nation prepares to for an elaborate cremation ceremony to send Rama IX The Great beyond the mythical Mount Meru.

   After last year's Art Tribute to the Thai King, I wanted to share more of the devotion, skill & diversity in the Thai art community with this second art collection of over 45 artworks celebrating the life & profound impact Rama IX has had on the people of Thailand.

BACC Largest Rama IX Mural:
Mue Bon x KanaetKittimonto x TK31 & ABI
along with scores of art student volunteers
BACC Rama IX Mural Art: Mue Bon x Kanaet x Kittimonto x TK31 & ABI

October 16, 2017

ART: Archan Nair - Alien Landscapes

Archan Nair: Alien Landscapes
Web | Facebook | Twitter | Society6
curated by YellowMenace (+44 images)

   This second profile of self-taught Indian artist, Archan Nair focuses on his surreal digital landscapes. His art is easily distinguishable from other digital surrealists with its bright colors & seamless blending of 3D forms & digital painting. Archan creates worlds that are completely original, born from a deep inner well of vital creative energy.

   A few months ago, I brought you 40 of his distorted experimental portraits & figure studies in a post called, Reconfigured.

   Many of these landscapes are available for sale as prints & other art merchandise in his Society6 Shop.

August 16, 2017

ART: Manit Srisuwan - She's Taking Flight

Manit Srisuwan Goft มานิตย์ ศรีสุวรรณ์
Facebook - Instagram
curated by YellowMenace (30+ images)

   Manit Srisuwan is a Thai artist living in Bangkok, who has dedicated his life to painting. He has a BFA & MFA in painting & has been working as a professional artist for over 10 years in a semi-realistic, Pop-Surrealism style. His work evokes the symbolic visions from dreams.

ARTIST: Manit Srisuwan Goft มานิตย์ ศรีสุวรรณ์ -

HAIKU Art Review: Manit Srisuwan Goft
Grounded wooden forms

The feminine taking flight

Enlightened dreamer

ARTIST: Manit Srisuwan Goft มานิตย์ ศรีสุวรรณ์ -

   Manit recently completed his fourth solo show, "SHE" at The National Gallery in Bangkok, Thailand. The show focused on the feminine, desire for flight, freedom & change, while accepting the arrows of outrageous fortune that necessarily come along with a flight path less taken. This marks a major thematic shift for the artist whose work over the previous 8 years dealt with distorted human figures as wooden drawing puppets suffering their "gam" or karma.

ARTIST: Manit Srisuwan Goft มานิตย์ ศรีสุวรรณ์ -

   Like most Thai people, Manit is known to his friends by his nickname - "Goft". I'd like to thank Goft for taking the time to answer my questions.

Discover More: Thai Artists on YM Blog

July 30, 2017

ART: Jung Narate - Interview

Jung Narate ณเรศ จึง
Facebook - Instagram - YouTube
curated by Yellowmenace (31+ images)

   Jung Narate is a professional Thai painter living in Bangkok, Thailand. His style is Pop Neo Expressionism, much of his work involves Jung interpreting his affections for famous historical artworks. He will be part of a group exhibition this Sep. at The Queen's Gallery & a solo at the People's Gallery on the second floor of BACC in Oct., 2017. If you are in Bangkok this fall please come check them out.

Jung Narate ณเรศ จึง -

HAIKU Art Review: Jung Narate
Playful history

Expressing his love for Art

Channeling masters

Jung Narate ณเรศ จึง -

   I had the opportunity to meet Jung about 2 years ago at Jam Factory's ArtGround art fair. Since then we've bumped into each other at a few art events & interact on Facebook. He was kind enough to answer some interview questions to accompany this feature post.

Jung Narate ณเรศ จึง -

● Any business advice for other artists trying to make art their livelihood?
  "First of all, you need to have unconditional love for ART. You must be able to voluntarily smile & cry with this career path. Determination, well planned living, financial discipline, being firm with your own standpoint/style & always be proud of your own works, these are at the core of working in this career. Also very important, you need to have Good Friends."

July 23, 2017

ART: Archan Nair - Reconfigured

Archan Nair: Reconfigured
Facebook | Twitter | Society6
curated by Yellow Menace (39+ images)

   Archan Nair was born in New Delhi, India, 1982. He is a self developed visual artist, illustrator, art director & sound explorer, specializing in mixed media, illustration & digital art.

HAIKU Art Review: Archan Nair
Contorted portraits

Digital kundalini

Karmic art mirror

Archan Nair: Pher

   In early 2016, Archan tasked himself with creating at least 1 artwork everyday for 365 days. In early 2017, he completed his self inflicted art marathon & most of the pieces here are products of that incredibly productive journey.

Archan Nair -

April 19, 2017

NBA Basketball Art Collection

NBA Basketball Art Collection 2017
Web | YouTube | Merch
curated by Yellowmenace (48+ images)

   Here's a fantastic collection of basketball art by superstar Asian artists around the globe celebrating the league's elite players & teams, just in time for the NBA playoffs.

BamBamBam (Taiwan) - 5 pics
Facebook | Twitter | Behance | BigCartel

HAIKU: Basketball
The shot, my prayer

The rim, altar. The court, church

My faith, Basketball

BamBamBam (Taiwan) - NBA Basketball Art

   It's no secret the majority of the NBA's fanbase resides in Asia. As the league's popularity swells, the demand for basketball art rises in terms of promotional art for online & print ads for games, local leagues, shoes & other merchandise & from fans who want more than just an enlarged game photo on their wall. Many of the artists here make a living from their basketball art & sports illustration. It's nice to see there's a market to support their creative passion.
BamBamBam (Taiwan) - NBA Basketball Art

April 16, 2017

Attack on Titan Art Collection

Shingeki no Kyojin 進撃の巨人
curated by YellowMenace (42+ images)

   The long awaited second season of the Attack on Titan anime series is finally airing, so I thought it was a good time to share these 42+ AoT artworks I've been collecting since 2015. 

Reau aka Jarreau Wimberly (US) - Attack on Titan

HAIKU: Attack on Titan
Anxious inner voices

Colossal catastrophes

The Titans within

Stef Tastan (Costa Rica) - Attack on Titan
Stef Tastan (Costa Rica)

   The original Japanese manga series was written & illustrated by Hajime Isayama. The series began in 2009 & has been collected into 20 volumes. The anime TV series adaptation produced by Wit Studio aired in 2013, directed by Tetsurō Araki.

Alexander Iaccarino aka ThatKidWhoDraws (US) - Attack on Titan

April 11, 2017

ART: James Jean - Blue Period

James Jean: Blue Period
curated by Yellowmenace (32+ images)

   This final feature on James Jean highlights the disproportionate number of blue hued artworks he's created.
James Jean art -
HAIKU Art Review: James Jean
Fabled art shaman
Rare sketches, grand canvases
Restless tiger's claw
James Jean art -
James Jean art -
  ● See More James Jean Art:
           - Part 1: Taiwanese Surrealist

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