March 21, 2018

YoonJin Jo: Famous Packing Tape Portraits

YoonJin Jo 조윤진
curated by YellowMenace (36+ images)

   YoonJin Jo is a Korean artist who creates portraits of celebrities using colored packing tape. The result looks like the low-res, geometric, color blocking popular in digital graphic design mixed with classic Warholesque messy screen printing. Check out the video below to better understand her creative process.
Yoonjin Jo 조윤진
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March 20, 2018

Hueman: Capturing The Human Condition

Hueman aka Allison Tinati
curated by YellowMenace (32+ images)

   Hueman aka Allison Tinati is a Filipina-American artist who has been crushing the art scene with her vivid, emotionally evocative murals & canvases since she graduated from UCLA's Design & Media Arts program back in 2008.
Hueman ( on YellowMenace blog
   I'm celebrating my favorite Asian female artists all this month for Women's History Month, click HERE to see them all.

March 19, 2018

So Youn Lee: Marshmallow Mango

So Youn Lee
Web | Facebook | Tumblr | Society6
curated by YellowMenace (+34 images)

   So Youn Lee is a Korean artist who creates paintings that look like the pastel colored marshmallows in children's breakfast cereal. She focuses on creating iterations of Mango, her colorful, kawaii, androgynous character representing self-acceptance & inner peace.
So Youn Lee - on YellowMenace Blog
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March 8, 2018

Hannah Yata: Environmental Surrealist Paintings

Hannah Faith Yata
Web | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr
curated by YellowMenace (34+ images)

   Hannah Faith Yata is a Japanese American painter who address the tensions & impact man is having on nature. Her paintings typically depict nude female bodies with colorful, distorted animal heads within natural field, garden or jungle setting. I've put together a collection of my favorite Hannah Yata artworks as part of the YellowMenace Women's Month Celebration.  
Hannah Faith Yata  - via: YellowMenace
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Hikari Shimoda: Children of the World

Hikari Shimoda
Web Facebook | Twitter | iCanvas | EyesOnWalls
curated by YellowMenace (35+ images)

   Japanese artist, Hikari Shimoda has been creating portraits of pale, tiny-horned, orb-eyed children with vacant or morose expressions for the past 7 years. Her unmistakable style, along with her impressive output of over 100 paintings have earned her many international exhibitions, including 4 solo shows at the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles & countless features in prestigious art magazines & blogs. 
Hikari Shimoda -
   For all of March, I'm celebrating Women's History Month by featuring my favorite Asian female artists here on YellowMenace Blog

December 19, 2017

Asian Star Wars Art Collection II: Last Jedi Edition

Asian Star Wars Art Collection: Part 2
The Last Jedi Edition
SW Official | DesignByHumans Society6
curated by YellowMenace (55+ images)

   I couldn't resist the pull to do a second installment of my Asian Star Wars Art Collection. You do not yet know the power of the Yellow side. 

   This post features a massive 55+ Star Wars drawings, digital paintings & sculptures created by Asian artists &/or Asian inspired fan art from a diverse variety of international artists. I've even included Star Wars characters remixed with classical Roman sculpture, Victorian photography & bootleg art toys.

Alice X. Zhang - Asian Star Wars Art on

November 27, 2017

Bruce Lee 77th Anniversary Art Collection

Art Tribute for Bruce Lee's 77th Birthday
Official | Facebook | YouTube | Foundation
curated by YellowMenace (45+ images)

   On the occasion of Bruce Lee's 77th birthday (Nov 27, 1940), I wanted to present a new art collection to celebrate a true legend who has influenced people all around the world to pursue excellence in their lives.

   It's been 2 years since I complied the "Dragon Immortalized" art collection, celebrating what would have been his 75th birthday. 

   I hope you enjoy my second collection of Lee inspired artworks. Please share this with the Bruce Lee fans in your life. :)

Adam Chow (Hong Kong)
Adam Chow (Hong Kong) - Bruce Lee art collection @ YellowMenace

October 17, 2017

Thai King Rama IX Art Collection 2

Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej Art Collection
Celebrating the Life of Rama IX The Great

Official BACC | The Nation
curated by YellowMenace (45+ images)

   The King of Thailand passed 1 year ago & now the nation prepares to for an elaborate cremation ceremony to send Rama IX The Great beyond the mythical Mount Meru.

   After last year's Art Tribute to the Thai King, I wanted to share more of the devotion, skill & diversity in the Thai art community with this second art collection of over 45 artworks celebrating the life & profound impact Rama IX has had on the people of Thailand.

BACC Largest Rama IX Mural:
Mue Bon x KanaetKittimonto x TK31 & ABI
along with scores of art student volunteers
BACC Rama IX Mural Art: Mue Bon x Kanaet x Kittimonto x TK31 & ABI

October 16, 2017

ART: Archan Nair - Alien Landscapes

Archan Nair: Alien Landscapes
Web | Facebook | Twitter | Society6
curated by YellowMenace (+44 images)

   This second profile of self-taught Indian artist, Archan Nair focuses on his surreal digital landscapes. His art is easily distinguishable from other digital surrealists with its bright colors & seamless blending of 3D forms & digital painting. Archan creates worlds that are completely original, born from a deep inner well of vital creative energy.

   A few months ago, I brought you 40 of his distorted experimental portraits & figure studies in a post called, Reconfigured.

   Many of these landscapes are available for sale as prints & other art merchandise in his Society6 Shop.

August 16, 2017

ART: Manit Srisuwan - She's Taking Flight

Manit Srisuwan Goft มานิตย์ ศรีสุวรรณ์
Facebook - Instagram
curated by YellowMenace (30+ images)

   Manit Srisuwan is a Thai artist living in Bangkok, who has dedicated his life to painting. He has a BFA & MFA in painting & has been working as a professional artist for over 10 years in a semi-realistic, Pop-Surrealism style. His work evokes the symbolic visions from dreams.

ARTIST: Manit Srisuwan Goft มานิตย์ ศรีสุวรรณ์ -
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