September 21, 2014

VID: The Best of David So Comedy

David So
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   David So is a Korean American comedian & serious R&B musician. His Youtube channel is huge w/ close to 1 mil subscribers & over 130 mil views. 
David So -
   Ball Handles - Especially for Bball fans, this is the rec league player we all know & hate, the dirtiest, weakest baller who thinks he's got pro skillz.
   Just do it pt2 -  Accurate characterizations of Koreans, so glad this is in Korean. Here is the difference between racism & comedy, when ur part of a culture U recognize certain stereotypes that exist in reality, when ur an outsider the conclusions ur making aren't based on intimate knowledge of the culture, but thru the filters of media or ur 1 friend of color (who is ur friend bc they're an outcast from their own heritage).
    Kim Jong Illah ft. New Heights - I like the character. I met lots of South Koreans who were trying to be Hi-So & were just about this obnoxious. The skit could have been better if he'd come up with a full song w/ funny lyrics instead of just singing really poorly.  

Kim Jong Illah - Hip Hop Legend - Once again it'd B nice if he'd have actually written a funny rap.
David So
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