June 26, 2014

ART: Funarium - Digital Manju

Funarium aka Yoshimi Ohtani
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Haiku Art Review: Funarium by Yellowmenace
Springtime kimonos
Blossoming sweet princesses
Digital manju (饅頭)
   Yoshimi Ohtani was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1980.
   She is active at home and abroad in various kinds of media including paper, digital, and websites, cell-phone icons, backgrounds, books, magazines, interior decorations, etc.
   Digital artist Yoshimi Ohtani from her very active FB page where she posts lots of art in progress & sketches
   She draws illustrations of girls, expressing the essence of modern culture, such as the compromise between Japanese and Western styles. She presents “goth-loli” fashions, interpreting uniquely Japanese sensibilities such as wabi (passive demenor), sabi (elegant simplicity), kare (classic taste), and iki (traditional mindset) using modern methods.
   If you are interested in Yoshimi Ohtani art & are located in the US please contact:
   Agent for U.S. Clients: ARTas1
   Paul A.Whitney - Direct Tel: 310-515-7100 x102
   If you are interested in Yoshimi Ohtani art & are located in Europe please contact:
   Agent for European Clients: DENKI-MIRAI - Licensing and creative agency
Funarium aka Yoshimi Ohtani
Web   -  Facebook   -   Deviant Art   -   Tumblr

Available for overseas shipping

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