June 14, 2014

ART: Alain Delorme - Totem Series

Alain Delorme
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   Born in 1979, Alain Delorme  Lives and works in Paris. He graduated from the Gobelins, l'école de l'image, Paris & received a masters of photography at Paris VIII University.
   In 2010, Alain Delorme presented his “Totems” series, the result of a residency in Shanghai.

Haiku Art Review: Alain Delorme by Yellowmenace
Stack'em high Chinamen
Extreme effort to survive
Miraculous spirit
  In this blog I try to focus on Asian artists, but I will also examine white artists who comment on Asian society or use Asian imagery in their work.
  The artist himself, Alain Delorme posing as in his Totem series

   Describing himself as a “pixel surgeon”, Delorme uses digital photography and photomontage to play with digital imagery in the way a geneticist plays with genes.
   Expropriating the codes of photo reportage, he offers a reshaped view of China’s new urbanism.
   The result is graphically striking photographs, saturated with color. Oscillating between realism and fiction, the willful departure from reality leads us to observe the “real” more critically and question the norms of contemporary society.   

The streets of Shanghai bristle with moving “Totems”, precarious assemblages of ordinary objects.

Alain Delorme
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