May 24, 2013

Top 8 Tees - May

Course I like the badass demonic samurai, but the colors R fun & pop. DBH has tons of good stuff

U've got 2 C this Shiroi Neko shirt up close to appreciate all the processing & foil work. Plus, I'm a sucker 4 anything with crows on it.

I'm a big PaleHorse fan & will feature more of his work in the coming months.

Obvious, but fun & well executed. :)

There R 2 Pokemon shirts on the list. I'm not a fan, haven't seen an ep., but I like the traditional woodblock print, ukiyo-e ref.

Emperor Eternity wear is very similar 2 Shiroi Neko in the detailing & full area printing. They're both big in Thailand & available on

The other Pokemon, sometimes visual mash-ups seem like they were meant 2 B like lost Lego pieces. This suits the iconic Banksy perfectly down 2 the pose & overspray accents

Nothing incredible design-wise w/ this tee, but they got the Silence of the Lambs font down & I find myself recalling this line @ random times during the day. Yellowmenace