May 24, 2013

MJ v Kobe: The Debate Settled

The 2013 NBA Finals are quickly approaching & sports writers are digging out the old Jordan v. Kobe argument again, even though neither of them have anything to do with this year’s playoffs.

This year the excuse is Phil Jackson’s new book ”Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success” where he weighs in on the debate.

So seeing as I know (almost) as much about basketball as Phil, the great YM will breakdown the MJ v Beko comparison & in so doing, settle the matter once & for all.

I go with Michael Jordan all the way & it has nothing to do with being old enough to have watched MJ win all 6 of his rings or the fact that ‘Beko: The Black Weasel’ is my sworn enemy.

1) Jordan’s charisma captured people beyond basketball. They wanted to be like Mike because they liked Mike.
2) His leadership & passion made those around him better (teammates & opponents).
3) The 6 rings, of course, but think about how he did it, 3 in a row - retired > returned > struggled 1/2 a season then won 3 more in a row. Whether Beko gets 6 or even 7 rings, he's only got one 3peat.

Of course, the argument gets clouded because of MJ's 2nd attempt to comeback from retirement with the Washington Wizards. Where everyone was waiting & hoping, but he was just too old & it was kind of a sad end to his phenomenal career. Also, as an owner, he hasn't had anything close to success with the Bobcats (maybe Hornets..again??)

If you go by numbers alone they're very close, but I think Kobe has a slight advantage or will when he finishes his career.

Well, this settled nothing. Everyone likes who they like & tries to back that up with facts, so their choice seems logical.

However, in the end, I'm right. :) Yellowmenace