April 13, 2013

Ding Dong Tha Black Weasel's Gone?

Hopefully, tha Black Weasel aka Beko Bryant is out for the season & his ambivalent team won't make the playoffs.

It's all up to Utah to not screw it all up by losing their last few games.

I loved the poetic justice of the Clippers clinching the Pacific Div title against the Lakers & getting the season sweep @ the same time.

It's an exciting time in the NBA.
Lots of change w/ long established teams falling by the wayside for new teams to emerge at the top of their respective conferences.

I'm speaking of teams like Denver, the headless dragon. They have no marquee player & dealt w/ plenty of injuries, but have found themselves top 4 in the western conference.

The Clippers R the clearly the new kings of LA. OKC looks ready to take their first title w/ a clearer headed Westbrook & stronger roleplayers.

GSW & Houston R also teams on the rise which makes me incredibly happy after suffering thru the last 8 years following their constant inability 2 live up to their potential.

I can't wait 4 the playoffs 2 start!