March 17, 2013

Sexbot Prototype = Asobi Seksu-669

Stay calm fellow Yellows, our brothers in Japan R working furiously to make sexbots a reality.

No longer will U have to deal with awkwardness & embarrassment of making conversation or being interested in anything women say. Not to mention all that mess & hair & body heat & the annoying thump thump of another human heart beating...
Behold the prototype Asobi Seksu-669
On the other hand, she will B far 2 expensive for anyone 2 own (save the 1%), so entreprenuers will buy these sexbots & rent them out by the hour. This brings up a hygiene issue. Her "love ports" will have 2 B cheap & replaceable, so they can quickly B swapped out 4 the next user interface.

What do U think?
How far away R we from the 1st sexbot rental service? Yellowmenace