April 18, 2013

Meditations on Songkran

I have a love / hate relationship w/ Songkran. Yes, it’s gr8 to go out spray water, get sprayed, smear flour paste all over strangers & have it wiped all over you, too.

The problem is that it is everywhere & all the time, so if ur going to the corner store to pick up some milk @ 9am U can B fairly certain U’ll return home wet, which means putting ur wallet in plastic, leaving ur phone behind & wearing something old that U don’t mind getting dirty. CC - Yellowmenace See more pics of Songkran!
CC - Yellowmenace Give friends 10% bc they're not that important :) CC - Yellowmenace Coveting the high ground CC - Yellowmenace 2nd Road CC - Yellowmenace Another way to get wet & sticky  photo 2853_160989045513_898565513_6707354_6719436_n.jpg CC - Yellowmenace period.dot.