February 6, 2016

ART: Year of the Monkey Collection

Fire Monkey Collection 2016
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   Wishing all my fellow artistic revolutionaries joyous prosperity in 2016, yang fire monkey year with more monkey art than you can shake a banana at. I tried to compile an eclectic assortment of monkeys, apes, macaques, baboons, etc in a variety of styles & techniques. Sun Wukong & Hanuman are, of course associated with monkey years & feature prominently here. I've also included excerpts of general predictions for the year from Happy Wishing Well & Suzanne White.
   Gong Xi Fa Cai (恭禧发财)!

James Jean (Taiwan/US)
   HAIKU: Monkey Year 2016
Curious ape king 
Fiery swinging trickster's year
Pray, no burnt branches
Kouji Oshiro (Peru)
Behance - Pinterest - DeviantArt

   The lunar Year of the Yang Red Fire Monkey runs from Monday Feb 08 2016 to Friday Jan 27 2017. This is a year of adventure, discovery, questions & answers, when luck can strike at bizarre times & fortunes can turn in the blink of an eye. Risk, strategy, learning, change & progress feature prominently in a Monkey Year.
Ise Ratta Ananphada aka Ratinan Thaicharoen (Thailand) 

Guan Xiao Peng aka 关小鹏 (China)  Facebook

   It's a year of blazing opportunity & wild passions, a roller-coaster ride of the senses, and sometimes all you can do is hang on & surrender to the journey! It's best to take nothing for granted. The Monkey is wise but also unpredictable & given to bouts of jealousy, suspicion or temper tantrums. Nonetheless, you may recall that the Space Age officially began in 1956, a Fire Monkey year. Expect to see innovative developments in the sciences, technology, education, commerce & the performance arts.
Katsuya "Terra" Terada (Japan)
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Thawan Duchanee ถวัลย์ ดัชนี (Thailand)  Facebook
Hoooook aka Oh YooJin 오우진 (Korea)  Facebook
Diogo Torres (Brazil)  DeviantArt
Marina Molares (Spain)
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Jed Henry (US)  Facebook - Tumblr - Shop
Tee's Art Gallery (Thailand)  Facebook
Zarnala aka Kim Nguyen (Vietnam/US)  Facebook
Sidsoot aka Mohd Khairul Aizuddin (Malaysia)
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Chaoyuan Xu 徐超渊 aka Yuan (China)  DeviantArt

   The influence of the Fire Monkey in 2016 will cause many of our preconceived notions to hit the fan. It’s going to be a scurrying kind of year. Sweeping global shifts are afoot, whether it’s climate change or the prevalence of religious wars these will persist & even worsen in the Fire Monkey Year. But the Monkey is the problem solver. The arrival of a Monkey year, just at this juncture, is like a sunrise full of hope. Monkeys find solutions to even the most labyrinthine of issues. And they do it in subtle ways that other less wily & crafty signs would find impossible.
source: Suzanne White (The New Astrology) 
Fenghua Zhong 钟风华 (China)
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Puck ภัค  aka Tripuck Supawatana ไตรภัค สุภวัฒนา 
(Thailand)  Tumblr
Dorothy Lathrop (US 1891-1980)
via: 50 Watts
Ryo Takemasa 武政 諒 (Japan) 
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Lissy Marlin (Dominican Republic/US)
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Tim Bywater (Australia)  Tumblr
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Coolrain Lee (Korea)  Facebook &
Seman 10cm (Korea)  Behance
Shotaro Honda (Japan 1893-1939)
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