July 30, 2017

ART: Jung Narate - Interview

Jung Narate ณเรศ จึง
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   Jung Narate is a professional Thai painter living in Bangkok, Thailand. His style is Pop Neo Expressionism, much of his work involves Jung interpreting his affections for famous historical artworks. He will be part of a group exhibition this Sep. at The Queen's Gallery & a solo at the People's Gallery on the second floor of BACC in Oct., 2017. If you are in Bangkok this fall please come check them out.

Jung Narate ณเรศ จึง - http://bit.ly/2uO9vHx

HAIKU Art Review: Jung Narate
Playful history

Expressing his love for Art

Channeling masters

Jung Narate ณเรศ จึง - http://bit.ly/2uO9vHx

   I had the opportunity to meet Jung about 2 years ago at Jam Factory's ArtGround art fair. Since then we've bumped into each other at a few art events & interact on Facebook. He was kind enough to answer some interview questions to accompany this feature post.

Jung Narate ณเรศ จึง - http://bit.ly/2uO9vHx

● Any business advice for other artists trying to make art their livelihood?
  "First of all, you need to have unconditional love for ART. You must be able to voluntarily smile & cry with this career path. Determination, well planned living, financial discipline, being firm with your own standpoint/style & always be proud of your own works, these are at the core of working in this career. Also very important, you need to have Good Friends."

July 23, 2017

ART: Archan Nair - Reconfigured

Archan Nair: Reconfigured
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   Archan Nair was born in New Delhi, India, 1982. He is a self developed visual artist, illustrator, art director & sound explorer, specializing in mixed media, illustration & digital art.

HAIKU Art Review: Archan Nair
Contorted portraits

Digital kundalini

Karmic art mirror

Archan Nair: Pher http://bit.ly/2ueXhcq

   In early 2016, Archan tasked himself with creating at least 1 artwork everyday for 365 days. In early 2017, he completed his self inflicted art marathon & most of the pieces here are products of that incredibly productive journey.

Archan Nair - http://www.archann.net

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