May 31, 2015

ART: Samurai Inspired (武士触発)

Samurai Inspired - (40 Images)

   The helmet, the armor, the blades & the code... Everything about the samurai is intriguing. Artists especially, amateur & pro have their imaginations ignited by this ancient Japanese warrior.

   I've assembled, not 7, but 40 of my favorite bushi from 40 brilliant artists creating traditional & historically accurate samurai, pop remixed ronin, sci-fi shizoku, sexy onna-bugeisha & abstract yakuza.

Yuta Onoda (Japan)  Facebook - Twitter
Yuto Onoda -
Pure controlled motion
Restless pen, ink flows like blood
Soul of Bushido
Aditya Permadi aka subjektzero -
Aditya Permadi aka Subjektzero (Indonesia)
SAMURAI! @ Worcester Art Museum
   SAMURAI! April 18 - September 6, 2015 
@ Worcester Art Museum in Worcester, Massachusetts

   Discover the samurai, in history and popular culture! Guest curator Eric Nakamura, editor and founder of Giant Robot Magazine

via: NECN Exhibit Features Fresh Interpretations of Samurai 
Palehorse -
Palehorse (US)
Pablo Uchida [内田パブロ] -
Utagawa Kuniyoshi -
Utagawa Kuniyoshi 1797 -1861 (Japan)
Anthony Petrie -
Anthony Petrie (US)   Facebook - Twitter

   A samurai should not scandalize his name forever by holding his one & only life too dear... One's main purpose in throwing away his life is to do so either for the sake of the Emperor or in some great undertaking of a military general.
- Shiba Yoshimasa (1350–1410)
Jon McCoy -
Michael Hinkle -
Kalani Lindsey -
Kalani Lindsey (US/Bulgaria)   Facebook - SHOP
More Kalani Art: Asian Influence 
Casey Callender -
Casey Callender (US)   DeviantArt - Prints

   When one is serving officially, he should not think of a hundred or a thousand people, but should consider only the importance of the master.
- Hōjō Shigetoki (1198–1261 AD)
Stanley Lau (Artgerm) -
Stanley Lau aka Artgerm (Hong Kong/Singapore)
DeviantArt - SHOP
More Stanley Lau Art: Warriors & Samurai Spirit
Jonny Wan -
Jonny Wan (UK/Chinese)   Facebook - SHOP
More Jonny Art: Complex Simplicity
Hoon -
Hoon (US/Korea)   Creative Characters
Kendrick Lim (Kunkka) -
Kendrick Lim aka Kunkka (Singapore)
AJ Frena -
AJ Frena (US)
Yuko Shimizu -
Yuko Shimizu (Japan/US)
JungGi Kim -
Jung Gi Kim (Korea)   Facebook - SHOP
More JungGi Art: Sketches of Ancient Asia
Kazu Livingstone -
Kazu Livingstone (Malaysia)
Bas Tizz -
Bas Tizz (Thailand)   Behance
Yuriko Nemoto (Unio88) -
Yuriko Nemoto aka Unio88 (Japan)   Pinterest

   If a man does not investigate into the matter of Bushido daily, it will be difficult for him to die a brave & manly death.
- Katō Kiyomasa (1561 - 1611)

Witness the Absurd -
Witness the Absurd (UK)   SHOP
More Witness Art: Pastel Monsters
Hisashi Tenmyouya (天明屋尚) -
Hisashi Tenmyouya [天明屋尚] (Japan)   Facebook
More Hisashi Art: Basara & Future/Past
Randy Adlawan aka Dragon -
Randy Adlawan aka Dragon (US)
Tseng Wu Lang -
Tseng Wu Lang (Taiwan)   Gallery
Clog Two -
Clog Two (Singapore)
Jed Henry -
Jed Henry (US)
Facebook - Tumblr - SHOP
   Engage in combat fully determined to die & you will be alive; wish to survive in the battle & you will surely meet death.
- Uesugi Kenshin (1530–1578)
Sergio Toppi 1932 - 2012 (Italy)
Sergio Toppi 1932 - 2012 (Italy)
Felice Beato 1832 – 1909
Felice Beato 1832 – 1909 (Italy)
James Jean -
James Jean (Taiwan/US)
Facebook - Twitter - SHOP
   In Japanese, the word rōnin means "wave man", a person destined to wander aimlessly forever, like the waves in the sea. 
Sam Kim (Baimon) -
Sam Kim aka Baimon (Korea/Canada)
Sean Wei -
Sean Wei (Taiwan)   Facebook - SHOP
More Sean Wei Art
Wayne Reynolds -
Richard Friend (BlasterKid) -
Richard Friend aka BlasterKid (US)
Motohiro Ichinomiya (Motoichi69) -
Motohiro Ichinomiya aka Motoichi69 (Japan)
Viscera Vicarious -
Star Wars Bandaï Movie Realization Samurai Figures
Star Wars / Bandaï - Samurai Figures
Rudy Jan Faber  -
Rudy Jan Faber (Netherlands)
Clovery -
Clovery (Poland)
Toshio Saeki (Japan)
Toshio Saeki (Japan) 
Evan Davies -
Photo by Evan Davies 
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