April 18, 2013

Meditations on Songkran

I have a love / hate relationship w/ Songkran. Yes, it’s gr8 to go out spray water, get sprayed, smear flour paste all over strangers & have it wiped all over you, too.

The problem is that it is everywhere & all the time, so if ur going to the corner store to pick up some milk @ 9am U can B fairly certain U’ll return home wet, which means putting ur wallet in plastic, leaving ur phone behind & wearing something old that U don’t mind getting dirty. CC - Yellowmenace See more pics of Songkran!

April 13, 2013

Songkran Time Again

Songkran is HERE! It's that time a year again.

It's gr8 4 tourists & fun the first few times, but when U live here & U want 2 get shit done, like say buy food it gets really annoying. A few years ago, I thought I'd B smart & head out early @ 7am, but there were still people out on the streets manning barrels of ice water.

In Pattaya, Beach & 2nd R the perfect place to experience Songkran. It's an easy route to walk around. Anytime U get tired U can make ur way down one of the sois. They're all full of water fighting action & wet T-shirts. Beach Rd. is closed off & has lots of large sponsored events. The year I went Hard Rock/Johnnie Walker was the best set up. They had sexy models, music & plenty of water canons. I'll throw up some of my old pics soon.


Creepy Haslem Heat Streak Quote

This is late, but I had to post it. This quote was taken in the midst of the Heat's historic 27 game win streak.
“Just touch the people. People want to be touched. Sometimes it’s going to be uncomfortable. Sometimes they might get carried away. But touch the people, the fans."
- Udonis Haslem
via Steve Aschburner for NBA.com
Haslem was trying to explain Shane Battier's inspirational speech which most of the players credit for the streak. Somehow things went horribly wrong & the quote comes off sounding super creepy.

Ding Dong Tha Black Weasel's Gone?

Hopefully, tha Black Weasel aka Beko Bryant is out for the season & his ambivalent team won't make the playoffs.

It's all up to Utah to not screw it all up by losing their last few games.

I loved the poetic justice of the Clippers clinching the Pacific Div title against the Lakers & getting the season sweep @ the same time.

It's an exciting time in the NBA.
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