November 27, 2017

Bruce Lee 77th Anniversary Art Collection

Art Tribute for Bruce Lee's 77th Birthday
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curated by YellowMenace (45+ images)

   On the occasion of Bruce Lee's 77th birthday (Nov 27, 1940), I wanted to present a new art collection to celebrate a true legend who has influenced people all around the world to pursue excellence in their lives.

   It's been 2 years since I complied the "Dragon Immortalized" art collection, celebrating what would have been his 75th birthday. 

   I hope you enjoy my second collection of Lee inspired artworks. Please share this with the Bruce Lee fans in your life. :)

Adam Chow (Hong Kong)
Adam Chow (Hong Kong) - Bruce Lee art collection @ YellowMenace

HAIKU: Bruce Lee
Roar & soar, breathe fire

Liquid fists intercepting

Be water, my friend

Sachin Teng (Taiwan/US)
Sachin Teng (Taiwan/US) - Bruce Lee art collection @ YellowMenace

   I feature 4 Hong Kong artists including Adam Chow, who has focused solely on Bruce Lee as his main artistic inspiration. 

   Bruce's impact still echoes loudly through the streets & citizens of Hong Kong. Lee Jun-Fan (李振藩) may have been born in San Francisco, but The Dragon was hatched in HK!

SingHooi Lim (Malaysia) 
SingHooi Lim (Malaysia) - Bruce Lee art collection @ YellowMenace

   In this collection, there are "what if" movie posters, Bruce as Kato & a Jedi, as well as a few of Brandon Lee as The  Crow, his eerie too-close-for-comfort role which tragically cost him his life.

See Also: Bruce Lee - Part 1  "The Dragon Immortalized"

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