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   Yellowmenace is The Slanted Eye on Asian Culture & my kick ass alter ego filled w/ equal parts anger & Asian Pride.
   Asian Art is at the heart of my blog, but I also swing in several other directions; Film, Anime, Dance, Video, Food & Fashion.

   My one of a kind HAIKU Art & Film Reviews are my pride & passion.
Haiku reveals truth
Concision is most complex
The art of being

YM on tha WWW
   Like octopus porn, I have many sexy tentacles extending deeper into the cybertubes of internettiness.

   On Tumblr, I post bonus photos & GIFs related to YM blog posts, special mini Art posts on new artists & a healthy amount of reblogs from the T-hole.

   I have 5 jazzy boards on Pinterest filled w/ enough eye-candy to make your pupils rot.
- Asian All-ways is the direct extension of the YM blog (all Yellow all the time)
- Took Yang Thai - images of Thai pop culture & scenery
- R@Nd0m Ka0$ - Non Asian stuff I love, the board for my inner cracker
- T-shirts & More - Cool gear to brighten up your life (30% affiliated)
- Basketball & Beyond - the yellow &/or odder side of Bball, the court less balled upon
"Basketball is to me, what running is to Haruki Murakami - EVERYTHING!"

201$ is make or break for my blogging career, so I'll be focusing more on making new T-shirts for my Zazzle Shop.

   I also have an Amazon Store, but plan to improve this soon to focus on films & artbooks from the artists I profile in my posts.

- R U seriously still reading this?

   I'm a 40 something, 4th gen Japanese-Canadian Asian Art & Culture Propagandist. I've lived in Canada, Korea & Thailand.
   I'm ruthlessly & desperately focused on becoming a full time blogger & making my living online.

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