October 17, 2017

Thai King Rama IX Art Collection 2

Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej Art Collection
Celebrating the Life of Rama IX The Great

Official BACC | The Nation
curated by YellowMenace (45+ images)

   The King of Thailand passed 1 year ago & now the nation prepares to for an elaborate cremation ceremony to send Rama IX The Great beyond the mythical Mount Meru.

   After last year's Art Tribute to the Thai King, I wanted to share more of the devotion, skill & diversity in the Thai art community with this second art collection of over 45 artworks celebrating the life & profound impact Rama IX has had on the people of Thailand.

BACC Largest Rama IX Mural:
Mue Bon x KanaetKittimonto x TK31 & ABI
along with scores of art student volunteers
BACC Rama IX Mural Art: Mue Bon x Kanaet x Kittimonto x TK31 & ABI

The heart of Siam

Jazz, photos, rural projects

Big shoes for his son

BACC Mural:  Alex Face x Yuree Kensaku x Wisut Ponnimit x Kittipong Khamsart x Rukkit Kuanhawate - Rama IX art

   These first 3 murals all can be seen at The Bangkok Art & Cultural Center (BACC) near National Stadium, BKK. Much of the art & the inspiration for this post came from a visit to BACC in the summer when they were showing the exhibit, "The Happiness of the Thai People" which reveals how the late King has touched the lives of the general public throughout the nation.

Puck ไตรภัค สุภวัฒนา (Thailand)
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Puck ไตรภัค สุภวัฒนา - Thai King Rama IX GIF mural art

October 16, 2017

ART: Archan Nair - Alien Landscapes

Archan Nair: Alien Landscapes
Web | Facebook | Twitter | Society6
curated by YellowMenace (+44 images)

   This second profile of self-taught Indian artist, Archan Nair focuses on his surreal digital landscapes. His art is easily distinguishable from other digital surrealists with its bright colors & seamless blending of 3D forms & digital painting. Archan creates worlds that are completely original, born from a deep inner well of vital creative energy.

   A few months ago, I brought you 40 of his distorted experimental portraits & figure studies in a post called, Reconfigured.

   Many of these landscapes are available for sale as prints & other art merchandise in his Society6 Shop.

HAIKU Art Review: Archan Nair
Alien landscapes

Visions of the multiverse

Yoga for the mind

   In Archan's work I see unique & vibrant creative visions, like a 21st century Raqib Shaw.

See Archan Nair Part 1: Reconfigured

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